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Simple Liberties - A Voyager Novella about what could have happened if Chakotay had said no to the offer of First Officer. COMPLETE!

ADULT: Exchange Rate - His voice was harsher than she would have liked and he forced himself to remember that this wasn't the woman he knew.

ADULT: Whole New Worlds - AU where Kathryn is the one to infiltrate the maquis, not Tuvok.

ADULT: Kinky - She wasn't kinky.

ADULT: Heaven & Hell - Your mind is a very active place. Contains m/f, f/f, m/m/f. Consider yourself appropriately warned.

ADULT: Service - She panted as she looked down at him.

Mature People: Raindrops On Roses - Now the crew waits for a sign.

ADULT: Slip Of The Tongue - My 100th Voyager fic, Co-written with the WONDERFUL Char - It would be a beginning.

ADULT: Man On A Mission - Yup. He was a man on a mission. Sequel to Cravings.

ADULT: Kaerimichi - Die today or go to jail tomorrow. Your choice.

ADULT: Status Quo - Post Workforce. Sometimes your heart knows before your head.

Age Friendly: Clothes Make The Man - Women knew these things...

ADULT: Cravings - Kathryn has a craving...

Teens & Up: Snowflake - A bonding moment on the holodeck.

Mature People: Next Time - One of those 'they met in the academy' fics.

Age Friendly: Tape - Silly fic.

Age Friendly: Preening - The man in the mirror.

Age Friendly: Days Go By - Chakotay is having one of those days.

Age Friendly: Sleepless In Space - Kathryn is having trouble sleeping.

Age Friendly: Babies - Q's offer makes her think.

ADULT: Cat & Mouse - "Your uniform doesn’t do you justice. Tell me, do your young ensigns know you look like this underneath the wrinkle-free clothes and the polished boots?”

Mature People: Table Six - "What on earth were you thinking?"

Age Friendly: As They Please - Short Post-Endgame fic.

ADULT: K/C/C/C - Kathryn on the Holodeck with Chakotay and two doubles.

ADULT: Technicalities - Written for Elorie's Birthday.

ADULT: Confessions Of Sin - "Would you like to confess?"

ADULT: Say you, Say Me - "You know why I'm here." The obligatory Repressions fic.

Mature People: Buckley's Caution - "I should tell you to sod off."

ADULT: Salvation - Never upset the angry warrior...

ADULT: Eternity - Janeway/Paris, Janeway/Chakotay.

ADULT: Substitute - "What the hell was I thinking?"

ADULT: Mug's Away - It was hotter than she normally liked.

Teens & Up: Destruction - "Total destruction." She whispered.

ADULT, Set in the Living Witness Universe: Stop me - "Go on," He taunted, "Stop me."

ADULT: Quickie - "How are the crew going to feel?"

Teens & Up: Fine Grace - Fluorescent death shined from above her and she glared at it.

Age Friently: Stalking - She'd known for a good nine minutes that she was being followed.

Mature People: Upon Reflection - They had never lied.

ADULT: Special - "Have you even considered how deep Tuvok's eyebrows are?" Sequel to 'I Thing, You Jane.'

Mature People: I Thing, You Jane - She had a job to do. Damnit.

Teens & Up: Coffee - Silly little fic from Cass and I.

ADULT: Proving A Point - He was smirking down at her. Sequel to 'Nothing Else.'

Mature People: Nothing Else - It's just one of those days.

Teens & Up: Fatherly Pride - The winds of his vision swirled around him.

Mature People: HOWS - His biggest problem was that she was, well, hot.

ADULT: Just Once - Ignorance is bliss, they say.

Age Friendly: Acceptance - "You just have to accept it and move on, right?"

Age Friendly: An Hour - She talks to him.

ADULT: Off Duty - She had to set an example.

Mature People: Reasoning - She cries in relief, clutching desperately at Elizabeth's pale skin. This fits in between Transcendance and valeria_sg_1's Folding Time.

Age Friendly: Bush Talking - "You're asking me on a date?"

Age Friendly: Ominous Games - "Have we taught you nothing, Harry?"

ADULT: Diplomacy - "You don't have to break into my Quarters to obtain my thoughts on Ships business, Commander. We both know that." Sequel to Honesty.

Mature People Parody: Alterations - One potential reason why Kathy never wanted to pants Chuckles...

Age Friendly: The Big Chair - Harry has nightshift again.

Age Friendly: Monkey Business - "Can we take him with us?"

ADULT: Direct Approach - She was going to vomit all over him if he wasn't careful.

Age Friendly: Wrong - For a brief moment, she hated him with a passion.

Age Friendly: Part & Parcel - His brain couldn't take much more.

ADULT: Honesty - Sequel to Lists - When she gets right down to it, she is absolutely certain that he will not hurt her.

Mature People: - Lists - They share meals, coffee, intellectual debates, even a few - potentially fictional - stories of the past.

ADULT: Great Expectations - She doesn't expect it to be perfect.

Age Friendly: Intentions - Does he look that shell-shocked?

Age Friendly: Rations - It was the same every month.

Age Friendly: Last Time - She was working up the courage to ask him if he was able to build a double bed.

Mature People: Pain - "I can't not love you. I don't know how."

Age Friendly: Age Old - "If I were you, I’d have a better opening phrase ready for Starfleet."

ADULT: Reactions - Generic plot #46 for Coda episode additions. Sorta.

Age Friendly: Beach Baby - He's known her ten years.

Teens & Up: Trial Run - "They want you immediately put on trial."

Age Friendly: Midnight Coffee Call - They - she - had indulged in many a midnight coffee session.

Mature People: For Now - Did she just say what you think she just said?

Age Friendly: Home - Not everyone wants to get 'home.'

Teens & Up: Bored Slash - A cabin crazy Captain was never a good thing.

Teens & Up: Awake And Dreaming - What if it was all a dream?

Teens & Up: Fusion - They talk via subspace three times a week.

Mature People: Incidents - It was all so fast, all such a blur.

Teens & Up: Dancing With Shadows - Dance, twirl, dance, twirl.

Teens & Up: Perfection - The prefect ending to the less-than-perfect journey.

Mature People: Transcendance - Crossover with Stargate: Atlantis. Pairing Elizabeth/Kathryn, Kathryn/Chakotay and John/Elizabeth. My beautiful Vale has written a sequel, one that never gets old and always makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time - Folding Time.

Teens & Up: Rain - Set during Future's End. A missing scene, if you will.

Age Friendly: Lost And Now It's Ours - "We have a Lost And Now It's Ours box?"

Age Friendly: Practice - "Where's the thingy that goes in her mouth?"

ADULT: Slow Seduction - The obligitory Resolutions Fic about what could - and should - have happened on New Earth.

Age Friendly: You Don't Say - Almost, but never quite, lovers. Mostly, but not always, the best of friends.

ADULT: The First Moment - The fact that he blew his ship up to save hers? Just made her life easier.

Age Friendly: Cold Of Doom - Silly little slushy fic.

Age Friendly: The Gambler

Age Friendly: Santa's Little Helper - What do you give the Captain that has everything?

Age Friendly: Sunday Brunch - They're home, he's with Seven, what now?

Age Friendly: Kinda Hoping - Chuckles is kinda hoping for a lot.

Mature People/ADULT: Assume Nothing - It's official: He is an ass.

ADULT: Sinful Fruit - The Night before, the morning after and all that's in between.

ADULT: Normality - He is her normality

Mature People: Problem - The Captain has a problem and the Doctor has an....'alternative solution.'

Mature People: Solution - Is the Doctor's solution as radical as Kathryn first thought? Sequel to problem

ADULT: Exploration - The exploration of minds, bodies and spirits. Sequel to Solution.

Age Friendly: Kathryn's Impulse - Kathryn fights the Captain.