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Mature People: Reasoning - She cries in relief, clutching desperately at Elizabeth's pale skin. This fits in between Transcendance and valeria_sg_1's Folding Time.

Mature People: Veracity - Elizabeth can't really wrap her head around the idea that every time John disobeys one of her orders, it's simply because he wants to pants her.

Age Friendly: Even - No summary.

Age Friendly: Squishy - "You will 'squish' me?"

Mature People: Transcendence - Crossover with Star Trek: Voyager. John/Elizabeth, Kathryn/Elizabeth and Kathryn/Chakotay. My beautiful Vale has written a sequel, one that never gets old and always makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time - Folding Time.

Mature People: Magic Word - Teyla/Elizabeth fic.

Mature People: Necessitites Of Life - Crossover with Stargate: Atlantis.

Teens & Up: New Years - 5 years, 5 parties.

Mature People: Memory - Based on spoilers and speculation for 'The Real World.'

Age Friendly: Like Father - He will Not Become His father.

Age Friendly: SGA - She is amused by his cynicism; he's known that for years.

Mature People: Stripped - Set During Intruders.

Age Friendly: Goodbye - She says goodbye silently.

Age Friendly: Family - Set during 'Intruders'. A missing scene, if you will.

Age Friendly: Boredom - John is bored.

Age Friendly: Emotions - Post-ep fic.

Age Friendly: Teddy - Elizabeth's bed.

Age Friendly: Cravings - Give me the chocolate.

Age Friendly: Counting Cows - There's a cow in the hall. Really.

ADULT: Unwrapped Gifts - It's their first Christmas away from home.

ADULT: Phases - You're really, really hot and I want to have sex with you all of the time.

ADULT: Belonging - He's not normally a hearts and flowers kind of guy, but for her, he just might be.

Age Friendly: Just So - He is so whipped.

ADULT: More - He is so screwed up. (More dysfunctional sex from Ky!)

Age Friendly: Can I Tell You A Secret? - No, he doesn't see dead people.