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ADULT: In The Name Of Science - This was either the coolest April Fool's joke in the history of mankind, or Jack was really, really drunk.
ADULT: What Happens Tomorrow - Set post Broca Divide.
Mature People: Snowflakes In Hell - "It'll be fun."
Mature People: Sea Legs - So he did the adult thing; he dared her to try something new every day.
ADULT: Morning Glory - "What the hell are you doing here?"
ADULT: Negotiating Hell - Jack closed his eyes, crossed his toes, took a deep breath and wondered if his own Special hell would send a taxi for him or if he'd be expected to start walking.
ADULT: Bonus - While she wasn’t quite sure how they had reached the point of being… well, how they were now, overall Sam thinks that she wont complain.
ADULT: Sands Through The... - SG-1's Annual Week of Normality. (Copyright to Jack O'Neill.)
ADULT: Packing Pants - He hated packing.
Age Friendly: Complications - 'You say interesting as though it were a good thing.'
ADULT: Still - When he announces that he's leaving, they throw him a party despite his protests.
Mature People: Converse - She did not sleep with her commanding officer.
ADULT: Time - "What are we doing?" - Set during Upgrades
Age Friendly: Domestic Bliss - This was never going to work.
Age Friendly: Strange Encounters - Very funny Scotty, now beam down my clothes.
Mature People: Necessities Of Life - Crossover with Stargate: Atlantis
ADULT: Home - Tomorrow she'll say "Oh what have I done?"
Teens & Up: Body Dump - Crossover with NCIS
Mature People: Bad Day - Everyone is having a bad day...
Mature People: The Lewinsky Code - It's like a train wreck. You don't want to stare but sometimes you just can't look away.
ADULT: Socks - She doesn't want him to stop.
Age Friendly: Birthday Wishes - Carter's Nuts.
Age Friendly: These Days - It's been one of those days.
Mature People: Questions... - Vala has some questions for Daniel.
ADULT: Blissful Ignorance - Fingertips convey the message clearly: You Are Mine.
Age Friendly: In The End
Age Friendly: Life As We Know It - Merry Christmas, Jack
ADULT: Admissions - Their lips meet and after that, all bets are off
Mature People Only: No Place Like Home - It was a good system all round, really. Set after Mobeius, with the 'other' SG-1
Age Friendly: Close To positive - How close can you really get?
Age Friendly: Whiter Shade Of Pale
Mature People Only: Surprise - He was SO not prepared for this.
Age Friendly: Simple - Considering that they'd decided not to decide anything... there sure was a lot of decision making going on here.
Age Friendly: Meet The Family - Pete meets the boys.
Age Friendly: Here comes the... - It's the ultimate cliché of fic.
Mature People Only: Pipe Dream - The universe was against her.
Age Friendly: Untitled
ADULT: Fun, Fun, Fun - It was red, damnit, why wasn't it going faster?
Age Friendly: Forget me not - she should have seen this coming!
Age Friendly: Rain on the Parade - I blew up a sun, don't think I wont do it again!
ADULT: The Rules - they keep changing the rules of this game.
Age Friendly: All I know - I love you, and that's all I know
ADULT: Listless Rain - You want to feel alive.
Age Friendly: A Rose By Any Other - Pet!Names
Age Friendly: Just Like A Woman - Who would want to drink warm milk?
Age Friendly: Egg on your face
Age Friendly: Water Works - She wants cheese pizza.
Age Friendly: American Water Torture - Teal'c hadn't know that was possible.
Age Friendly: Rescue Me
Mature People Only: A Day In The Life Of Jack O'Neill's Penis - They made me write a sequel!
Mature People Only: A Day In The Life Of Sam Carter's Clit - title says it all, folks.
ADULT: Him - Sam is thinking of Jack.
ADULT: Her - Jack is thinking of Sam.
Mature People Only: Shopping - men Hate Shopping
ADULT: Control - Sam/RepliCarter femslash!!!
ADULT: Eyes - Replicarter/Sam femslash!!!
Age Friendly: Mini!OTP fic: Out of the mouths
Age Friendly: Things that make you go... - Pool!table fic.
The "Hate is such a strong word" Series:
Age Friendly: The Lucky Ones - Sam is pissed at Jack. Established Relationship
Age Friendly: Don't Know Much - Sam's still mad.
Age Friendly: When you love someone - She doesn't want to kill him!?!
Mature People Only: If only - She's mad and in labor... uh oh
Age Friendly: Butterfly Kisses - It's baby!fic time...
Age Friendly: I think I Love You - Post baby blues...
Age Friendly: A Good Heart - It's getting better...
ADULT: Don't Drink and Dance - Booze. Sex and...Thor!?!?
ADULT: Games - Sam knows how to play this game
Age Friendly: What's in a name? - Sam's having a little trouble
ADULT: Power - There is something to be said for having a naked woman ties to your bed. Dark!Fic
ADULT: Dirty Irrationality - Actually, come to think of it, Janet would probably be quite proud.
ADULT: Tabletop Confessions - Sequel to Dirty Irrationality... She was many things, dead shouldn't have been one of them.
Mature People Only: The Alone trilogy - Sam finds out about the WoO kiss.
Age Friendly: The Optimistic Pessimist - You're the oxymoron of all time.
Age Friendly: Goodbye
Age Friendly: Burns and Loss - Cassie finds out
ADULT: Come - She just really wants to come.
Age Friendly: Paraphernalia - It never felt better than this.
Age Friendly: Don't ever be sorry - Co-written with Divine Joker
ADULT: A long time coming - It's never happened before
Age Friendly: Change A Thing - What is life like after they make the treaty with the Achen? 
Age Friendly: Oprah - She was *so* blaming Oprah for this...and Teal'c
ADULT: Tease
Mature People Only: Death becomes her - If she's dead, why does he still see her?
Age Friendly: Complicated Personal Feelings - It shouldn't be this complicated.
Age Friendly: Too Much - another odd fic.
Age Friendly: Fence sitting - He needs to get dressed up more. ;-)
Mature People Only: Haunting Obsessions - She will get him back, no matter what the cost.
Age Friendly: Gone - But not forgotten.
Mature People Only: The Tale of the four - The books are never wrong.
Age Friendly: She hates that
Age Friendly: You need water
Mature People Only: A Beautiful Mind - I wrote it before the movie was released in Australia!
Age Friendly: Want - We don't always get what we want
Age Friendly: Angel's and Entity's - God know's even Angel's fall.
Age Friendly: Zenith
Age Friendly: My Colonel - Fluffy!Fic
Age Friendly: Never Forget - What would have happened if they'd gone throuugh with the proceedure?
Age Friendly: Bearing The Soul - Jonas confesses his love, Sam makes her own confession, Jack shakes Jonas' hand and Janet is no where to be seen.
Age Friendly: Sound
Mature People Only: Survival techniques - Co-written with Divine Joker.
Age Friendly: Remember Now - He's chosen her.
Age Friendly: Mind's Eye - What the mind sees
Age Friendly: Orders - Jack owes Sam an apology.
Age Friendly: Incarceration - SG-1 are incarcerated and they have to rely on each other to survive
Age Friendly: Novella - Another One Of Life's Battle's - What happens when Sam isn't in the military, Jack is still married and Charlie is dead?
Mature People Only: Novella - The Battle's Never Really Over - Sequel to the above. Twins...a cabin by the lank...a future together, and still no dreams are coming true.
Age Friendly: Drabble: I held you
Age Friendly: Until Then
Age Friendly: Understanding - Sometimes, we just need someone to understand.
Age Friendly: Urgo and his ability to change - Urgo has some strange abilities
Age Friendly: Drabble: I thee wed
Age Friendly: E-mails - the base e-mail system has never been so busy
Age Friendly: Sleeping Alone - the cure for sleeping alone
Age Friendly: Striving to be normal - When you know that you aren't normal anymore, you still strive to achieve it.
ADULT: Poker - This fic is only posted because Jo asked me to! Don't say I don't love you, hon.