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Age Friendly

Title: Practice
Author: Ky (Venom_69)
Fandom: Voyager
Category: Fluff
Pairing: J/C
Rating: Age Friendly
Summary: "Where's the thingy that goes in her mouth?"
Archive: My site. Anywhere else, sure, just let me know where so I can come visit.
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, never will. Promise to put them back in the state I found them. Song’s not mine either.
Author’s notes: For [info]sweetiemissy - Happy birthday babes! - who requested Godparental fluff. And to [info]xfairy1013, the newest member of my flist who RAWKS MY FREAKING WORLD!
Date: 09/07/06
Copyright to Venom, 2006



She could hear the baby mewling softly, in preparation for tears. Knowing this particular child – and her mother – those tears were likely to be nothing short of fierce wailing. Kathryn couldn’t have the neighbours coming over to check on them again, it was just too embarrassing.

The mewling was heading closer and closer to all out screaming, now. What is he doing to her? "Mmm?"

"Where's the thingy that goes in her mouth?"

"You mean her dummy?"

"Are you calling me dumb?"

She was tempted to agree, but he had promised to bring her back a cup of coffee and she just wasn't willing to risk it. "No, that's what it is called."

"Is that the thingy?"

"Yes, Chakotay. It's called a pacifier or a dummy."

"Great. Where is it?"

"I don't know."

"Well, you had it last!"

"I think you'll find Miral had it last."

She didn't call him a dummy outright, but Chakotay thought that it was clearly inferred. "Do you want your coffee or not?"

"I am capable of getting it myself, you know." And she was, she just really didn't feel like getting off the sofa.

"Capable? Yes. Willing? No."

He had a point, damnit.

"OK. Did you look in her crib?"

"Yes, of course I did and it wasn't th-ah ha!"

"Got it?"

"Got it."

Good. Now maybe she could get some work done.

For all of about fifteen seconds, she really thought that was possible. "Kathryn!"

"Yes, Chakotay?"

"How the do you get the diaper done up?"

"There's a latch on the clip."

"I don't see a latch!"




"Would you like some help?"

"That would be great, thanks."

Pushing the warm blanket off her legs, Kathryn stood. Stretching the kinks out of her body, she moved around the furniture and into the nursery, stopping as she stood in the doorway.

Chakotay was standing in the middle of the room, swaying slightly, rocking the half-dressed baby in a desperate attempt to keep her calm.

His shirt, that Miral had - charmingly - spit up on, was hanging over the end on her change table, drying.

So much skin, Kathryn thought admiringly, so little time.

It wasn't that she hadn't known that he was attractive. She's spent almost eight years looking at the man. It was just... there was something to be said for a half-naked man holding an adorable baby.

“Are you going to help?”

“Yes,” Though looking at him was undoubtedly much more fun. “Put her on the change table and I’ll do it.”

Kathryn smiled as he manoeuvred the baby onto the change table, his big hand holding her small body softly. “One wonders,” She said, as she set about fixing Miral’s diaper. “Why they made you godfather when you can’t even navigate the nappy clips.”

“Tom said I needed the practise.”

“Practise?” She repeated, lifting the now-giggling baby into her arms.

“Mmm.” He nodder, tickling Miral under her chin. “And then he grinned at me.”

She wrinkled her nose. “I thought we agreed not to tell anyone?”

“We did. I didn’t.”

“They guessed?” I look pregnant already?

“You do kinda… glow.” To any other woman, that would be an undisputed compliment. To Kathryn Janeway, lately, it could be cause for World War IV or cause for a really… nice evening. Heh.

Kathryn shrugged eventually, not interested in how they know. “Must be a parental thing.”

Chakotay smiles and lifts the baby from her arms. “Well, whatever it is, I think this little lady is hungry.”

“And how do you know that, Mr. ‘I can’t change a diaper.?” The familiar glare and crooked smile come out to play.

“Must be a godparental thing.” He smirks. “And I’ll learn how to change a diaper before our baby is born, Kathryn.”

“Mmm.” She nods. “You have Miral to practise on.”

He pulls a face at her. “Let’s hope practice makes perfect…”