Can I Tell You A Secret? - Atlantis
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Age Friendly!

Title: Can I tell you a secret?
Author: Ky (Venom_69)
Pairing: Sheppard/Weir
Rating: Age Friendly
Summary: Maybe he’d been looking for a reason to get her alone in the dark with him?
Archive: My Site, wherever ShWeir fic goes these days…
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, never will. Promise to put them back in the state I found them.
Author’s notes: I’m a fandom whore. I freely admit that I can’t watch a show without writing fic for it. (Usually p0rn, but in this case, just fluff.) I have shipper blood. Sue me. Though, I must admit, having only seen 4 episodes thus far, I don’t know all the players or much about the show. Whoops… Blame Jo. Love you, Honey.
Date: 17/04/05
Copyright to Venom, 2005


“Can I tell you a secret?”

She gave him a ‘look.’

“No, I don’t see dead people.”

“Good to know.”

“I found a secret passageway.”

“What do you mean ‘secret passageway’?”

“Well… it usually means a passageway that is a secret.” What did one normally mean by that? Was there another possible explanation?

“Major…” She gave him another ‘look.’ It was kinda hot.

“Right. Not funny.” He sighed. “I found it when I was on my way to the head.” He’d actually gotten lost – again! – but he wasn’t going to tell her that. “I don’t know what it was, but all of the lights were off which is a fair indication that no ones been there before.” That, and the fact that he’d walked through a freakin’ wall to get there pretty much gave away the secret-ness of this particular passage.

They continued to weave through the corridors until John was reasonably sure that the wall he stopped to face was the one that led to wherever the hell he had been. If he was wrong, and he walked face first into a solid wall with her there, his ego would never recover. Or his nose.

“It’s a wall.”

Observant little cookie, wasn’t she? “I know.”

“Nothing very secret about a wall, John.”

He knew that too. “I know.”

She was looking at him like he was crazy. And maybe he was. The need to pee *had* been pretty strong when he’d found this place. Maybe it had all been a bladder-induced hallucination? Low blood sugar? Maybe he’d been looking for a reason to get her alone in the dark with him?

Of all the possible explanations that his brain threw at him, John figured that the latter was the most likely.

Placing his hand on the wall, he was pleasantly surprised – and more than a little relieved - when it didn’t meet solid matter. Elizabeth stood beside him, impersonating a deer caught in headlights. John was pretty sure that she was too fascinated to move or speak, so he grasped her hand and tugged her closer to him.

Moving carefully, he walked forward, pulling her behind him as they passed through the wall and emerged on the other side to be greeted in darkness.

Like when they’d first arrived, lights began to automatically illuminate their surroundings and John didn’t drop her hand.

“It’s just like going through the Stargate.”

“Only not.”

“Only not.” She agreed with a small smile, her eyes darting around the passageway. “It looks like any other corridor in Atlantis.”

“Maybe it is.”

“Then why is it hidden? Why hasn’t anyone found this place before?” Maybe no one had ever gotten lost looking for the head before, he mused. “Are there more like this? Where are they? How can we find them? Can the main Computer tell us anything? Why aren’t they on the schematics we have?”

“You think too much.”

She looked amused. “I’ve been told that before.”

“Glad I could confirm it.”

Despite her wildly darting eyes, Elizabeth hadn’t missed the fact that he didn’t drop her hand.

It felt warm and safe… and wrong.

“Did you look around?”


“Why not? John, this is amazing!”

The need to pee had *really* been strong. When he’d found this place the first time, his only focus was getting the hell out of there before he had an embarrassing accident in his pants. “Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”

“Have you told anyone?”

“I wanted to tell you first.”

There was just a little too much emotion behind the words to be friendly and Elizabeth realized, for the first time, how close they really were.

She saw it coming long before her eyes slipped closed and his lips touched hers, but she didn't stop it.

Her sense of normality and decency was screaming at her, throwing rulebooks and moral standards at her brain. A fleeting image of Simon passed through her mind’s eye, and she fought to hold onto it. To hold on to some semblance of reality that reminded her why this was wrong and bad and evil.

As his tongue slipped past her lips, a hand around her waist to pull her to him, none of her reasons mattered so much anymore. But she was ok with that.

She liked this secret, she decided.


Yeah, it was pretty much just an excuse to get them snogging, so what? *g*