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Mature People

Title: Temptation
Author: Ky (Venom_69)
Fandom: NCIS
Category: Romance, humor
Pairing: Kate/Gibbs
Rating: Mature People
Summary: Surely Gibbs would understand?
Archive: My site. Anywhere else, sure, just let me know where so I can come visit.
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, never will. Promise to put them back in the state I found them. Song isn’t mine either, that would be the Backstreet Boys’ “Incomplete.”
Author’s notes: Written for [info]bowersbabe - Fic 1 of 2.
Date: 30/09/06
Copyright to Venom, 2006


Baby, my baby
It’s written on your face
You still wonder if we made a big mistake


She is firmly pressed against a brick wall, her shoulders scraping across the sandpaper like surface, grazing her tender white skin as he sucks at her neck.

He growls against her skin, teeth and tongue marking her further. “What were you thinking?

Was was she thinking?

Oh right, peace and quiet.


”What are you going as?” Tony had asked.

He’d been bugging her incessantly all week to find out what her costume was for the Halloween party that NCIS were hosting.

Kate hadn’t really considered a costume necessary, but then a select few had received an e-mail from the Director – well, the Director’s secretary, at least – ordering full costumes.

And when Kate had seen “undisclosed recipients” in the ‘to’ field of the e-mail, she had known that the only people to get one were Gibbs’ team and the man himself. "I was thinking about dressing up as a redheaded carpenter and going as Gibbs' wet dream."

Tony’s eyes had lit up and it was painfully obvious to know where his thoughts had taken him. ”Fifty bucks if you do.”

”I don’t want your money, DiNozzo. Nor do I want to get fired.”

”Do it and I will not repeat a word of my social life to you for a month.”

It was just too tempting a bet to pass up. ”Deal.”

Surely Gibbs would understand?


Gibbs didn’t understand.

He’d seen her enter the party, surrounded by a few of the more pathetic work colleagues that hadn’t yet managed to master the art of hiding an erection. She’d endured their obvious drooling for a few moments before joining her team, who had located a couch against on of the walls and claimed it as their own.

“You actually did it.” Tony had greeted, whistling lowly. “Turn around for us.”

She had.

Kate had spun around like a little girl playing dress ups, her tool belt flaring just a little.

The hammer, screwdriver, drill and various other tools in the belt were plastic – no doubt borrowed from her nephew – but the over all effect worked.

Overalls, boots – slightly more fashionable and feminine, with a bit of a heel, than the average workman – and tool belt, combined with a killer red wig – at least, Gibbs had assumed it was a wig – had made her look the part perfectly.

Too perfectly.


Gibbs had followed her to the bar, getting himself another scotch that he didn’t really need.

“What’s with the outfit?” He’d asked conversationally.

“I’m a redheaded carpenter.” Kate had replied, her voice portraying a perfect innocence that she hasn’t possessed in a decade or so.

“So I see… Why?”

Before she’d been able to respond, Abby had entered the party and all eyes had fallen to her.

The catholic schoolgirl uniform and blonde hair – borrowed from Kate and temporarily dyed – had caused quite a stir among the party goers as they watched in amusement as their Gothic Scientist flipped her pig tails about in a reasonable Pippy Longstockings impersonation.

She’d bounded straight for Gibbs and the bar, taking a sip of his drink and kissing his cheek, killing whatever excuse Kate had been prepared to offer. “What do you think?”

“Very… non-you.”

“I know! Isn’t it great?” She’d twirled for them, much as Kate had done but with less effect. “I don’t know how you wore this for as long as you did Kate, the stockings are itching me.”

“You get used to them.” Kate had smiled. “I think I see Agent McGee on the balcony… I’d better go and warn him before he sees you and his eyes pop out of his scull. Excuse me.” She’d been polite, but the speed at which she’d walked away from them had betrayed her cool exterior.

“Like her costume?”

At least she had the decency to wait until Kate walked away, Gibbs had thought. “I think it’s purpose was lost on me.” He’d replied.

“No,” Abby had countered. “I think the purpose of it was that she wore it for you.”


Now, she feels the wall against her back, buttons on her overalls digging in to her and she doesn’t know what to say to his harshly whispered question.

“I don’t know,” She whimpers in reply as he sucks at her pulse point.

“What kind of game are you playing, Caitlin?”

He’s used her full name maybe once in the year she’s worked with him and it sends a shiver through Kate that he can, no doubt, feel against him.

“Answer me.”

The demand is growled against her skin and a sound comes out of her throat that Kate didn’t know she had the ability to make.

She opens her mouth to fumble through a reply, but Gibbs doesn’t let her.

His tongue is tasting her before a coherent sentence forms in her mind, his thigh is thrust between her legs before she can even think of telling him to stop and his teeth are denting her lips before she can consider how wrong this is.


It’s not until they heard voices behind them that they stop.

His hand is on her breast, through the overalls, and their pelvis’ are tilted together, creating all the right friction in all the right places.

“Well, well, well… what have we here?”

They both know who the voice belongs to even before they separate and turn, standing side by side to face their friends and colleagues.

“Don’t say it.” Kate thinks it sounds like she’s begging… and maybe she is.

“I figured we’d find a couple doing the nasty sooner or later.” Tony winks. “Didn’t expect that it’d be you two.”

“Shut it, DiNozzo.”

“It’s OK Boss, really, it’s great. Kate’s your fantasy woman and you satisfy her daddy complex nicely. All in all, a perfect match.”


Kate hits him.

Square on the mouth, she busts his lip, not bothering to watch as Gibbs walks away from them. From her. “You’re an ass.” She hisses.

Tony flinches. “I didn’t mean…”

“You never do DiNozzo, do you?”


“Shut up.” She growls, fist clenching for another blow. “Keep your big mouth shut for once, will you?”

Abby is like a little girl watching her parents fight, she doesn’t like it and she tries to fix it. “Kate, Tony really didn’t mean it like it sounded.”

“Oh, I’m pretty confident that he did.” Kate couldn’t think of a nice way to interpret what he’d said.


“Shut up or I will hit you again.”

She flips her cell phone out of one of the pockets in her belt and hits speed dial one. The phone rings and rings in her ear, but he doesn’t answer. She didn’t really expect him to, either.

“You are an ass!” Kate repeats before turning on her heel and running.

Abby curls into Ducky’s side a little, recoiling from the glare in Kate’s eyes. “We need to make this better.” She whispers.

Ducky puts an arm around her and rests his cheek on her head. “I’m afraid I have neither a story nor a solution for this, Abigail. At least, none that will be considered relevant.”

“What do we do now?” Tony asks, touching his lip gently and looking at the blood that transposes onto his fingers, but making no move to wipe it away.

“I think we need to leave this to them.” Ducky replies, watching as Kate’s car speeds out of the parking lot.