Body Dump
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Teens & Up

Title: Body Dump
Author: Ky (Venom_69)
Fandom: Stargate & NCIS Crossover
Category: Humor, action/adventureish
Pairing: Kate Todd/Cameron Mitchell, Sam/Jack
Rating: Teens & Up
Summary: “Guess I’m your new PR man, then.”
Archive: My site. Anywhere else, sure, just let me know where so I can come visit.
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, never will. Promise to put them back in the state I found them. Song’s not mine either. That would be Dire Straits “Walk of Life”
Author’s notes: Written for the lovely [info]majorsamfan *huggles* There's a line in here for Jo. She'll know which one. :)
Date: 17/09/06
Copyright to Venom, 2006


He got the action
He got the motion
Oh yeah, the boy can play


“Get your gear.”

“Where we going, Boss?”

Gibbs grunted in response, stalking out of the bullpen towards the elevator.

Tony shared a look with Kate, who was at her own desk, already gathering her bag. “The coffee shop was closed?”

“I don’t know… but he had a flight schedule in his hand.”

“Costa Rica?” Tony grinned hopefully.

Kate shrugged. “With the mood Gibbs was in… I’m thinking Antarctica.”


“Are you serious, Sir?”

Landry sighed. “I’m afraid so.”

Mitchell frowned. “What was the Marine doing here, anyway? Was he posted here?”

“No,” Landry shook his head. “It looks like the body was dumped.”

“So why are NCIS coming in? This is a bit out of the jurisdiction, isn’t it?”

“A favour. Cheyenne Mountain is starting to get a lot of unwanted attention from the press. The President wants NCIS to come in, investigate, find that the murder didn’t happen here and then follow the trail backwards.”

“OK…” Mitchell shrugged. “And that helps us, how?”

“When NCIS report back to their director, they will only have seen NORAD.” Landry raised an eyebrow.

“And therefore rumours of the SGC or anything under Level 5 will be nipped in the bud?”


“Seems fair enough.”

“I’m glad you understand.” Landry smiled, handing Mitchell a folder over the desk that separated them. “Because you’ve just been recruited to do some PR work.”

“We have a PR department, Sir.”

“We do.”

“So why me?”

“Because Colonel Carter is on her honeymoon. Do you really want to make the call that interrupts that?”

Mitchell frowned again. “Jack would kill me.”

“Yes he would.”

“Guess I’m your new PR man, then.”


Tony wiggled in his seat, trying to get comfortable. “Isn’t Colorado Springs a little far out of our area, Boss?


“So we’re going, because…?”

“Because I said so.”

“Good reason.” Tony made a face at Kate, who stuck her tongue out at him before turning back to the folder in her lap.

“It says here that the body was found with a scrapbook of photos… is the murderer doing our job for us now?”

“What sort of photos?”

Kate could practically see the dirty thoughts running through Tony’s mind. “Not the kind you’d be interested in, DiNozzo.”

“I’m hurt. Really.”

She turned back to her file. “No you’re not.”

“Just show me the pictures.”

Handing them over, Kate continued to read the initial report from the Airmen that had found the body. “The dolls are weird.” She said, musing aloud. “They don’t look like they were part of any sort of satanic ritual. And they all still have their heads.”

”Those aren't dolls; they're collectible action figures!”

Kate looked up as Tony studied the pictures, his head tilting to the left and then the right. “And you know this how?”

“I just do.”

“You collect dolls, Tony?”

“Of course not!”

“That’s so cute.”

“I… you think it’s cute?”

Kate smiled. “If you were five, it would be.”


Daniel leant against the wall of the entrance to Cheyenne Mountain. “When are they due?”

“Landry says they’ve landed and should be here in a few.” Mitchell kicked a rock across the way.

“You’re not thrilled about doing this, are you?”

“Let me see, babysitting some Fed’ wannabes or travelling through the ‘Gate… wow, that’s a tough one.”

Daniel patted the other man on the back, watching as the black car drove up the mountain towards them, followed by a black Van. “Good luck.”


Cameron watched him walk away before turning back to the car. It stopped not far from him and he watched as three people got out, the younger two carrying bags.

“You here to show us to the body?”

Rude, much? “Hello. Nice to meet you too.”

The grey haired man flashed a badge at him. “Gibbs. Special Agent. NCIS. Where’s the body?”

Mitchell pointed to the grassy area that had been fenced off with tape. The older man followed his line of sight and started walking.

“Don’t mind him.” The young woman spoke, “He needs caffeine.”

“Will he be more sociable if we give him coffee?”

“Probably not.” She smiled and extended a hand. “Kate Todd, NCIS.”

Mitchell shook her hand. It felt warm. “Cameron Mitchell. USAF.”

The man next to Kate grinned. “You’re an Airman? Our Lackey for the day?”

“Lieutenant Colonel, actually. I’m here to make sure you stay out of trouble, Mr…?”

The man glared. Mitchell could smell the potential rivalry. “DiNozzo. Anthony. Also NCIS.” And he took off in the direction of his boss.

“He needs caffeine too, right?”

Kate nodded. “Or a lobotomy.”


Gibbs bagged the battery in an evidence bag, writing on the label and sealing it. He tossed the bag into the open box next to him where all of the dolls rested in a similar state. Behind him, he could hear Tony making sketches and Kate taking photos in between questioning Mitchell.

“When was the body found?”

“This morning. One of the guards found him when he was, ah, answering a call of nature.”

Gibbs’ head shot up. “Did this guard answer that call near here?”


Great, he thought. Just what we need. A contaminated crime scene. “Yes or no? Simple question.”

“Over there.” Mitchell pointed to a tree a few feet away.

“Why wasn’t this mentioned in the report?”

Mitchell was pretty sure that Gibbs had just glared at him. “It was a preliminary report. I was under the impression that you would want to question him yourselves.”

Gibbs opened his mouth to reply when…

“Colonel Mitchell?”

Mitchell turned and sighed. This day just gets better and better. “Vala.”

“The General asked me to come and see if you need any assistance.” She eyed Gibbs. Hot older man… goody! “Or if our guests require anything.”

He watched her eyeing Gibbs' ass as he bent to inspect something near the body. Mitchell couldn’t help but think that the older man might benefit from a few rounds with Vala the Man Eater. “We’re good.”

“Yes, we certainly are.” She grinned.

“That’s Gibbs.” Mitchell told her. “He’s grumpy. I think he bites.”


Tony stopped his sketches and moved to her side. “Hello.”


“Can I be of assistance?”

She eyed him critically. “No.”

Tony’s gaze started at her boots and worked their way up, taking in her black leather with interest. “You USAF too?”

Vala turned to Mitchell. “Who is this annoying little man?”

“Gibbs’ lackey.”

“I’m not a lackey.”

Vala shook her head and, with one last glance at Gibbs’ ass, turned back towards the mountain.

Tony watched her go. “I’m not!”

Gibbs ignored the exchange, focusing on what evidence he could collect from around the body. “Kate, go with him. Question the guard.”

“Me?” She looked surprised. “Really?”


Apparently she didn’t need to be told twice. “Where is he?”

“He’s hanging out in the coffee room on Level 1.” Mitchell gestured for her to precede him as they walked out of the midday sun and into the shade of the mountain’s entrance.

“How many levels are there?”


“What do you guys actually do here?”

“Watch the sky, mostly.”

They stopped at Checkpoint 1 and Cameron signed her in, handing her a guest pass.

“You strike me as more of an action man type.” She admitted, pinning the pass to the bottom of her top as they started towards Checkpoint 2.

“I have my moments.”


“What do you think, Boss?” Tony stood behind the older man.


“Yeah, I don’t think he’s good enough for her either.”

“What?” Isn’t it against the law to use drugs at work?


“What about him?”

“He likes Kate.”


“He like like’s her.”

And that means…? “What does that have to do with anything?”

“You said dump.” Tony sighed dramatically. “I agree. If she’s stupid enough to go there, he’ll dump her.”

“The body, DiNozzo.”

Tony blinked. “I didn’t really look at his body, Boss. Not my type.”

“The dead body.”

“No, I’m pretty sure that Mitchell’s alive… Oh.” He scratched his head. “You think the dead body was dumped?”



Gibbs cocked his head to the side. “What did you think?”


“What time did you find the body?”

“The beginning of my shift. 0600 hours, ma’am.”

“What were you doing before then?”

“I reported in and got a coffee and some fresh-baked bread. Before I took my post, I went to… uh…”

“Take a leak?” Mitchell supplied.

“Yes Sir.”

Kate hid a smile. “Did you recognize the victim?”

“No ma’am. I saw the uniform and called the General. He said I should report here, fill in an incident report and wait.”

“You’ve been here since then?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Mitchell could see where her mind was going. “A guard has been posted at the door the whole time. No one else has been in here.”

“Excellent.” She smiled openly this time. “Thank you for your time, Sergent.”

He stood at attention. “You’re welcome ma’am.”

What do I do now? “Uh…”


Kate waited until the young Sergent left the room before turning to Mitchell. “Thanks.”

“Anytime. You new at this?”

“A few months.” She admitted, picking up the incident report from the table and adding it to the folder Gibbs had given her before they departed.

“What did you do before this?”

“Secret Service.”

“White House?”

“Presidential Detail.”

He whistled. “Impressive.”

“Thank you.”

“What are you doing after this?”

Kate knew that he wasn’t talking about her next place of employment. “Heading home, I imagine.”

“Fancy a bite to eat?”

“That’d be great.”


Gibbs watched silently as the body was loaded on to a gurney and secured. Gerald was doing a good job. He’d have to tell Ducky when they got back.

“Time of death?”

“Ah… definitely within the last 24 hours.” Gerald nodded to himself. Doctor Mallard had warned him that Gibbs would ask that question and the excitement of his first collection hadn’t clouded his judgement. He’d done a liver test, checked for rigour mortuus and looked at the area surrounding the body. “Though I would say that it didn’t happen here.”


“There is something under the fingernails. Soil, perhaps manure. I think it will give us a better idea of a location. Abby will need to test it when we get home.” Gerald finished securing the body and motioned for one of the assistants nearby to take it back to the van.

Gibbs patted his shoulder reassuringly. “Good work.”

“Thank you.” He beamed, before following the gurney.

“Where’s Kate?”

“Questioning the witness, DiNozzo.”

“For two hours?”

“She’s thorough.” And maybe just a little interested in Military history.

“She’s here.” Kate answered for them, holding out a white paper bag and a frightfully large cup of coffee. “And she brings gifts.” The food went to DiNozzo and the coffee to Gibbs, who looked like he might propose. To her or the coffee, she wasn’t sure.

He took a large gulp of the hot coffee. Black. Perfect. “We good to go?”

Kate patted the folder under her arm. “All set.”


Gibbs walked towards the car, following Gerald and the body.

Mitchell watched him go. “Seems coffee doesn’t really help.”

“Give it a while to absorb.” She smiled. “If I could convince him, we’d get an IV installed.”

“Might be safer for us all.”

Tony spoke around a mouthful of food. “Let’s go Kate. Don’t want to keep the Boss waiting.”

“Right.” She turned back to Mitchell. “Thanks for everything.”

He smiled. “Anytime.”


Kate sank into the seat of the plane gratefully. She was tired, but there was a bubble of happiness inside of her that was keeping her awake. The potential of a new relationship always did. “You know, I don’t get it.” She said.

“Don’t get what?”

“Why we were called out here. It was obvious that the body had been moved.” She rubbed her forehead. “They all knew it too.”

“How do you know that they knew? They’re not trained NCIS agents, Kate.”

“Cameron told me.”

“On your lunch date?”

Kate glared.

“Did you know that Cameron is an anagram of Romance?” Tony continued, oblivious to the glare.

“What’s you’re point?”

“He’s probably a ladies man. A player.”


“And you still went out with him.”


“No.” Tony scoffed. “Of course not.”

“Tony’s upset that Vala wouldn’t talk to him.” Gibbs spoke, his eyes closed and his feet stretched out to rest on the seat across from him.

“I can’t say I blame her.”

Tony ignored the ribbing. “Long distance relationships never work, Kate.”

She smiled, her fingers unconsciously searching her pocket for the little piece of paper he’d given her. “We’ll see.”