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Age Friendly!

Title: Birthday Wishes
Author: Ky (Venom_69)
Fandom: EssGeeWun
Category: Humor
Pairing: S/J
Rating: Teens and up
Summary: Carter's nuts
Archive: My site. Anywhere else, sure, just let me know where so I can come visit.
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, never will. Promise to put them back in the state I found them.
Author’s notes: For [info]million_moments who demanded this. Hugs hope you like it hon! Short, sweet, stupid, but to the point.
Date: 24/04/06
Copyright to Venom, 2006


"Can I have a quantum particle accelerator for my birthday?"


“Are you deaf?”



“I don’t even know what that is!”

“Want me to explain it?”




Fluttering eyelashes.

No response.


She ran a hand down his chest, detouring briefly to toy with the fine spread of hairs there, heading rapidly towards his twitching erection.


Innocent smile. “What?”

“Stop it.”

“Why?” Lick lips. “You don’t like it?”

“You know I do. Now stop.”

“I’ll stop if you say I can have a particle accelerator for my birthday.” She thought it was a fair deal, at least.

“No, you can not have a… whatsamacallit.”

“Can I have a dinosaur then?”

“Excuse me?”

“I want something original for my birthday. Can I have a dinosaur?”

“You want a toy?”

“No, a real one.”

“You know they’re extinct, right?”


“Which means that they are no longer around.”

“I know.”

“So I can’t get you one.”

“We do have a time machine, Jack.”

“And you want to use it?”

“No, you would use it.”

“Carter… you’re nuts.”

“You’ve known me for almost a decade, you’re just now figuring this out?”

“Well, no.” Smirk. “But I gotta tell you, this is the weirdest after-sex conversation I’ve ever had.”

"And you love me more for that fact."

He would have disagreed, but he never could lie to her.