You Need Water
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Age Friendly!

Title: You need water, but I need you.
Author: Venom_69
Season/sequel: set after Abyss.
Disclaimer: Don't own them, never will. Promise to put them back in
the state I found them.
Date: 2-2-2003


I lean against the end of his bed, concentrating on Jonas and Teal'c
to stop the tears from falling. I cant look at you, I can't look at
you without thinking about what you been through, what you will go

What Ba'al did to you.

I'm not dumb, far from it, I saw the holes that were in your shirt
when you returned to us. I saw the edges of the holes that had been
singed by acid, and I can only imagine what you went through.

I remember Daniel's withdrawal from the Sarcophagus, I remember how
heartbreaking it was to see him fall apart. I remember the horrible
things that he said to me, to all of us. I remember him trying to
kill you, in an attempt to get back. I know that you'll go through
all of this, the withdrawals, the hatred towards those who would keep
you from the Sarcophagus.

And I know that there will be very little I can do.

Relaying what Janet said to me to the other half of SG-1 is easy,
hearing you complain that you're trying to sleep is hard. I turn
around, and look. I don't stare, that's too obvious, but so would
averting my eyes instead. Trying to appear natural, I ask how you are.

I know that you'll lie. What can you say? I'm in severe withdrawal
and my brain is scattered?

It's tempting to tell you how much I……we missed you. How desperate we
were to get you back. How desperate *I* was. But I can't. There are
other people in here, and they all know that there is something
between us. Something that we can't admit, but there is no reason to
fuel the flames of the gossip network unnecessarily.

I ask if you need anything, you say water.

Nodding, I escort Jonas and Teal'c out of the room. I don't think you
want to be alone, but you'd never ask one of us to stay. Jonas and
Teal'c may not offer, simply because they are clueless to that
particular whim, and I *can't* for exactly the same reason that I
can't tell you how I wanted to scream when we heard where you was.

Frantic doesn't even begin to describe how I felt, turmoil doesn't
even come close.

I bring the water back, and place it on your bedside table. You thank
me, but your voice is hoarse I tell you to get some sleep, and that
I'll be back later, and you nod, closing your eyes once more. Walking
away, something hits me almost like an epiphany.

You may need water, but I need you.



`Oh yeah, and I also wish to blow us all to hell.' Sam, There but for
the grace of God.