Angel's and Entity's
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Age Friendly!

Title: Angel's and entity's
Author: Venom_69
Summary: God know's even Angel's fall.
Disclaimer: I don't own these people.

Date: 17-10-2002


You found hope,
You found faith
Found how fast she could take it away
Found true love, lost your heart
Now you don't know who you are


Her laughter echoes through the halls, making his house feel warmer
somehow. As though her happiness alone could liven up his normally
cold house. It amazed Jack how much he relied on her. The smile that
she gave could liven up any room, and it turned the heads of many
more men than she realised. Sam was anything if naive, but she seldom
saw how many people admired her, and were amazed by the confidence
that her smile portrayed.

Daniel drunkenly stumbled down Jack's hall way, wishing that there
were padded walls throughout the house to help ease the pain he was
inflicting on his shoulders as he bounced from one side of the room
to the other. "Ow." He complained, wincing as he rubbed his almost
bruising shoulders.

"The walls have been there for a while now Danny-boy." Jack commented
humorously, smiling as his friend flopped down onto the couch.

"Well, they hurt!" He exclaimed, his speech slightly slurred from the
three beers that he'd managed to drink over the course of six hours
or so that they'd been there.

Teal'c silently observed the scene before him, with an almost-smile
on his face. "I believe that it is time that I took Daniel Jackson
back to his residence." He announced, standing.

"Don' wanna go to school." Daniel mumbled, snoring softly. Sam
chuckled at how easily Daniel had fallen asleep.

"Probably a good idea." Sam giggled.

"Do you require me to take you to your residence as well Major
Carter?" Teal'c asked, helping Daniel to his feet.

Jack waited, holding his breath, as he listened for her answer. "No
thank's Teal'c, I'm going to help the Colonel clean up and then I'll
catch a cab." She replied, her eyes briefly flicking towards Jack
before returning to look at her friend.

"As you wish." He bowed and said goodbye before heading out to
Daniel's car.

Sam and Jack waved farewell to their friends and wished them a safe
journey before heading out of the cool night air, and back inside
Jack's house to sit in front of the roaring fire.

"You know," Jack murmured, wrapping his arms around Sam. "We've been
dating for almost a month now, and this is the first time that you've
stayed here alone." He commented, absently playing with her hair.

"We agreed to take things slow." She replied, turning in his embrace
to touch her lips to his. Their embrace quickly became passionate,
and their hands began to wander, pulling at clothes. "But now I want
to take things fast." She smiled.

"Are you sure?" Jack asked, watching as she rose to her feet.

Sam helped Jack up and pulled her t-shirt out of her jeans and over
her head. Dropping the garment on the floor, she turned and walked
towards his bedroom, her hips swaying suggestively. "I'll take that
as a yes." He smiled and followed her path, un-buttoning his own
shirt as he went.


"I love you." Jack whispered breathlessly to Sam's sleeping form.

Her eyes remained closed, and her head didn't move from the position
on his chest. "That's the first time you've said that to me." She
replied, just as quietly.

"I know."

"I'm glad you did."

"Me too."

The room lapsed into a comfortable silence and their breaths fell
into sync. Sam smiled, leaving her eyes closed. "I love you too." She
finally replied.

Jack fell asleep with a very satisfied smile on his face that night.


She made it easy, made it free
Made you hurt 'till you couldn't see
Sometimes it stops, sometimes it flows
But baby, that is how love goes.


It had been almost three months since they had shared their feelings,
and Jack thought that things were going well. Their relationship was
still a secret, hidden from everyone, but it was a secret that he was
quite prepared to keep. If it meant being able to share his life with
the woman he loved.

Sam opened the door to Jack's home, throwing her coat, key's, wallet
and cell phone on the couch. "Sam?" Jack called, exiting the bathroom
with a towel wrapped around his waist. "Hey." He greeted, smiling.

"We need to talk." She blurted, instantly regretting the way that
sounded. It couldn't have come out colder if she had tried.

"Sounds serious."

"It is."

Jack nodded and quickly walked back into his room, his mind reeling
as he threw on a pair of boxer shorts and a shirt before coming back
out to sit on the couch.

"What's wrong?" He asked, concerned.

Sam sat in the chair opposite Jack, which he thought was odd, before
finally replying. "We have to end this."

"What? Why?"

"Because it's too hard Jack. We're lying to all of our friends, we
can't go out together, I can't even be in the view of the door when
you open it on the off chance that someone might see me! I don't want
a relationship like this, Jack. It's just too hard." She explained,
the last few words coming out as nothing more than a chocked sob.

"But I love you!" He defended.

"And I love you, that's not in question. But I don't what to hide
what I feel."

"So what, you want to leave me?"

"No, but keeping this a secret is tearing me apart."

"So we tell people, I'll give up the Air Force! Sam, I'll do anything
to be with you."

"That wouldn't help, Jack, we both know it."

He did, he understood what she meant. Even if he left the Air Force,
she could still be court-martialled for having a relationship with a
superior officer, which would effectively end her career. And he
couldn't do that to her.

"I can't live with this secret, Jack."

"And I can't live without you." He whispered as she picked up her
things and walked out of his house, tears streaming down her face.


You will fly and you will crawl,
God knows even angel's fall
No such thing as you've lost it all
God know's even angel's fall.


Jack didn't understand exactly what had happened. All he knew was
that the MALP was flying, something was coming back through the
Stargate and the woman that he loved, despite their separation, had
just been electrocuted through the computer terminal.

Janet immediately stepped forward to treat the burn, but naturally
Sam refused, choosing to look over some data rather than get herself
treated. "Do as the doctor says." Jack chimed in, trying not to make
it an order.

"Yes sir." She mumbled.

"Thank you colonel. You three are next." Janet informed the other
members of SG-1.

"I'm fine." Both Jack and Daniel protested in unison.

"Yes, well, I'd like to be the judge of that." Janet told them,
walking away with Sam.

"Who put her in charge?" Jack asked, looking at his friends.

"In medical matters Doctor Fraiser may outrank any personnel." Teal'c
informed them.

"I'm not gettin' all my memo's." Jack murmured, heading towards the


Jack spent almost 12 hours fighting back the tears. Sam, or at least
her body, was laying in the infirmary. Hooked up to life support
machines, with tubes coming out of every conceivable place in her
body. Various monitors were beeping behind the bed, filling the
silenced room.

"There's no brain activity Colonel, I think it's time to let her go."
Janet whispered, tears present in her eyes. Jack was slightly
envious, she was allowed to show her emotions, his had to be kept
inside. Although after his earlier discussion with Hammond, Jack
suspected that his superior already knew that something was going on.

Jack couldn't reply.

"Sir, Sam made a living will. . . no extraordinary means."

"I know." He whispered.

They sat in silence for a few moments.

"She was my angel, Jan."

"Even angel's fall, Jack." She replied, and they hugged as tears fell
from both of their eye's.


You will fly and you will crawl,
God knows even angel's fall
No such thing as you've lost it all
God know's even angel's fall.

It's a secret, that no-one tells
One day it's heaven, one day it's hell
And it's no fairy tale, take it from me
That's the way it's supposed to be.

You will fly and you will crawl,
God knows even angel's fall
No such thing as you've lost it all
God know's even angel's fall.


Sam was lost in a computer, and he'd shot her twice with a Zat gun to
prevent her, and the entity inhabiting her body, from destroying the
base. It had to have been one of the hardest moments of his life,
shooting the woman that he would die for.

Now, the base was running around, trying to figure out a way to save
her. A way to get her back into her body, make her whole again.

Janet hooked up the necessary cables and flicked the switch.
Electricity flowed into her body, as she convulsed on the bed. The
electricity stopped, and Janet un-hooked the cable, immediately
checking Sam's vital's.

"She's back." She whispered.

"Hey Carter." Jack smiled, grasping her hand.

"I was shouting for you to hear." She whispered hoarsely.

"We heard you."

Jack smiled, the woman he loved, his angel, was back.


I have an attitude and I know how to use it.

The end