Survival Techniques
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Mature People Only!

Title: Survival techniques.
Author: Divine Joker and Venom_69
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, never will. Promise to put them back in the state we found them.
Date: 25-11-03
Copyright to Venom and Divine Joker, 2003


"For crying out loud, Carter! It’s dirt.  D-I-R-T."  Jack rolled back on his heels and surveyed the hunched form of his 2IC.  Her hands were nearly black with the surrounding soil and the little canisters littered around her accounted for the fact.  "How long does it take to scoop up the stuff?"

"Sir," She protested, not raising her head from the soil. "It's not just dirt. These samples help us determine the viability of a planet for the next beat site."

Jack huffed in annoyance and glanced up into the disappearing sunlight. Pursing his lips, he turned to eye Teal'c and Daniel who were walking eagerly around an old bunch of fallen buildings, looking for anything that may have been Goa'uld.

"Beta site or no Beta site, Carter, it's gonna get cold tonight."  He purposefully blew out a breath of air and watch it thinly billow before him.

Jack watched as she blew out her own breath, and confirmed that he was right. The air had certainly begun to chill, and it would only get colder. "Sir, no offence, but you didn't complain this much in Antarctica." She pointed out with a smile.

"Carter, I was dying in Antarctica."

The irritated beating of his chilled fingers continued on the butt of his P-90 until she finally sighed in completion and rubbed her hands together, attempting to get some more circulation into them.

"At least there isn't any snow," He remarked absently, turning to lead the way down the darkened hillside to the fire that Jonas and Teal'c had started.

Carter collected the last of her samples and assembled them back into the foam layered box that she carried them in, humming a nameless tune to keep the blood in them.

Briefly scanning the ground to ensure that she'd collected everything, she headed after the Colonel as they descended the hills towards the promising heat of the fire.

Teal'c's deep baritone and Jonas' tenor bounced enthusiastically through the open air as she approached the ring of light and Carter couldn't help but smile at the continual conversation that the two alien members of SG-1 carried out.  She set the container on the ground and watched as the Colonel emerged from their tent, his fingers now covered in black gloves.

Sam unexpectedly yawned and glanced at her watch.  Good Lord, it was 3 A.M. on Earth and only evening here. Those freaking rotation people really needed to work on their timing.

"I think that's it for me."  She murmured.

"Had enough of playing in the dirt Carter?" The Colonel asked with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

Carter snorted in a very unladylike fashion. "Yes sir. Dirt is surprisingly tiring." She snorted a little softer and headed towards the tent that she and the Colonel usually shared together, biding her teammates goodnight as she went.

Voices quieted and the words were more muffled as she settled in for the night.  Her clothing was scrapped into the corner of the tent and she crawled almost lifelessly into her silk-lined down sleeping bag.

She thought about cleaning her hand for all of three seconds before she succumbed to the warmth within her bag and fell into sleep.

It couldn't have been much later when she awoke again.  The first thing she noticed however, was that the temperature, both on the planet and within her bag was much, much lower than comfortable.  Her legs were cramping from their locked position and her fingers had burrowed uselessly into her shirt, trying to stay warm.

She could hear the Colonel's quiet snoring followed by the chatter of his teeth, accompanied by hers as they both shook with the cold. She moaned a little as she tried to straighten her legs, only to find that where they had been resting was cold, but the remainder of her bag was worse.

"Sir," She whispered from blue-tinged lips.

He grumbled a little, but barely stirred, let alone waken. "Colonel!" She called again, desperate to get his attention.

Her pack was resting next to him, and she knew that there was a spare set of BDU's in there that she could use to help her warm. She paused for a mere moment before shuffling around so that she faced his back and reaching her hand out into the night air.

"Sir!" she hissed loudly, shaking him.

He groaned pathetically and rolled onto his back.

"Jesus, it's cold."  He murmured, still clouded by sleep.

"I know sir," She agreed gently, her hand resting on his shoulder. "There's a spare set of BDU's in my pack, and there should be one in yours. We should put them on to warm up."

Jack merely groaned in response and leant over to fumble with their packs, searching for the aforementioned set of clothes. Damnit, but it was freezing.

"You know," He murmured quietly as he passed the spare set of clothes to her before he continued in his search for his own. "The best was to warm up is to share body heat. Strip naked and cuddle up."

Minutely later they had both managed to squeeze into their spare clothes without leaving their bags.

"Carter?"  He whispered, a few scant moments later.

"Sir?"  She hummed, huddling down into the fabric until only her eyes were looking out at him.

"I'm cold."

A shiver racked her frame before she could manage a retort, but then she could only huff out some precious warm air.

"Yes, sir."  She spoke, surreptitiously scooting closer to him.  She was gratified to hear him do the same until she could feel the pressure from his body up against hers.

"Better?" She murmured, feeling the slight increase of her heart rate.

Jack buried his face into what would have been the crook of her neck, apart from the sleeping bag. "No," He sighed. "Still cold."

Carter fell silent for a moment, and Jack wondered if his suggestion of stripping had worried her that much. He'd only meant it as a joke, something to lighten the mood a little.

He watched in fascination as she crawled out of her sleeping bag and started to worm her way into his. "I'm not getting naked." However much he wanted to.

"Well, you know, sir," she started slyly, her voice nearly muffled out as she turned and grabbed her bag, "the best way to retain body heat is to crawl naked into a sleeping bag…"

"With someone else who is naked.  Yes, *Major*, I took the survival course too."

She had thrown her open bag over both of them and Jack was surprised at the apparent nonchalance she had exhibited as she had moved in with him.

She settled next to him, her back to his front and finally stopped moving, releasing a pent up sigh.  He followed her suit and spooned behind her, his right hand falling onto her cotton-covered stomach.

Damn it, his hands were cold.

That was his excuse and he was sticking to it.

Closing his eyes with another deep sigh, Jack felt sleep fast approaching until Carter started to move around. “Stay still.” He murmured grumpily, waiting until she had seemingly stopped moving around before he closed his eyes again.

“Sorry sir.” She whispered into the darkness, only to start moving once more.

"Carter," he hissed, nearing desperation.  Certain areas of his body were on the steady rise toward overheating and there was nothing he could do to tame it.  She really needed to stop moving.

"I'm sorry, sir, but there's this stick…" her voiced hitched abruptly as her shifting finally brought her into full contact with Jack's lower body.

Jack swallowed roughly, feeling embarrassment coarse through his veins. He was very tempted to apologize for her, but she was the cause of his…..problem. It didn’t matter anyway, Carter was a professional, she was intelligent, she wouldn’t bring it up she’d-



Sighing, he shuffled internally through his options.  On one hand, he could play innocent; pull a joke about his flashlight/side arm, get her to laugh and they could go to sleep.  On the other, he could really, FINALLY bring out the issue of his attraction.

Seeing as they were currently crammed into a one-man sleeping bag, the latter seemed the more appealing, but also the most potentially embarrassing option.

Damn it.

He finally settled on the honest, yet equally light-hearted option, hoping that they could both come out of this conversation with their ego’s in tact. “You know it’s your fault, right?”

“How is it my-“ Carter continued to wiggle as she spoke and he couldn’t suppress the groan that left his lips. “Oh.”

He could almost hear the wheels turning in her head, thinking over the next course of action.  He held his position, knowing he was precariously close to crossing that very thin, blurred line of appropriate and not-so appropriate.

He bit his lower lip, his hand holding it's position on her stomach, hoping that she would just *stop* *moving*.

Finally she settled, her weight stiff for several long, breathless moments before she left her body fall naturally into the cradle that he was providing.

“Finished?” He asked lightly.

Carter grunted and moved a bit more forcefully against the lower part of him. It lasted mere seconds, but it was enough to send his senses into overdrive. “I am now.” She answered, and he could hear the smirk in her voice.

"I'm glad you find this so amusing, Major."  He growled, his hand pressing firmly into her stomach to prevent her from taking any more of his already smarting pride.  His eyes closed firmly to rid himself of the picture of her lying in his arms (as if he didn't think of that often enough already), he shifted down a little to free himself from some unnecessary pressure.

Somehow in doing so, his hand fell all the way across her body and looped gently around her ribs.  His hand slipped and the ensuing gasp of surprise could have been issued from either of the astonished mouths.

“Uh….” He coughed. “Sorry.” He told his hand to move, he really did, but the message got lost somewhere between his brain and his fingers. Groaning, Jack roughly sat up, ignoring her small yelp of surprise.

“Sir?” Carter asked, turning her head to look up at him.

“Can we just have this conversation so that we can get some sleep?”

She was silent for a moment and then released an accompanying sigh.  "This conversation, sir?"

Jack huffed his frustration and then realizing that his sitting up was letting in a hell of a lot of cold air, he moved back down, grudgingly moving to hold her again after he noticed that there really was no other comfortable way to stay in the bag together.  "This conversation, Carter.  The conversation that got locked up in that damn isolation lab two years ago."  Her returned, his hand firmly in place on her stomach.

It wasn't going to move, he told himself forcibly.  He hoped fervently that it didn't gain a mind of it's own.

This time Carter didn’t move. In fact, she was as stiff as a board. “Sir…we agreed to leave it in the room.”

“No Carter, you decided it would be best.” He protested.

“But you agreed to that!”

“Given the threat to the President, did I really have much choice? We had to get out of there, we didn’t have time to talk about it. After that….you shut me out.”

Jack hadn't wanted to sound so pathetic, but the reality of the situation was true.  He had tried to get her to talk about those few minutes in the room, but nothing had ever happened.  He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Suddenly she began to move with more purpose.  It took him a moment to understand what it was that she was doing.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm warm again, sir." She said with finality, in much the same tone she had used after the za'tarc incident.

Suddenly his anger flared and Jack clamped down on her wriggling form.

“Stop running from this!” Jack snapped harshly. “Stop running from me.” He finished gently.

“I’m not running from anything.” She protested, her voice carrying the defiance that she held within her. Any attempts she made to move were futile, and Sam realized how strong he really was as he held her in place with one hand, and a leg that was slowly working it’s way between hers.

Jack sighed. “Yes, you are. Don’t you see that?”


“Sam….every time we get closer to each other, you run. You’ve been running for two damn years, aren’t you tired of it yet?”

“Yes.” She admitted with a choked back sob.

Jack swallowed, knowing that really soon he was going to have to make the decision that would alter where he went in the next few years.  For the moment, he felt her body move restlessly against him before she slumped in defeat under his grasp.

Now he knew that she was listening to him.

"Sam…" he took a deep steadying breath and then continued.  "I'm tired.  I'm old, I'm worn out… I find myself missing the little things that I see with you every *damn* day.  Those moments of truth two years ago were the closest thing I've had to normal in my life since I met you."

Of all the things that Sam had expected to happen on this mission, her commanding officer having a ‘heart-to-heart’ with her was probably at the bottom of the list.

Hearing him speak about his feelings so openly brought the sob that had clenched painfully in the back of her throat forward until it escaped from her lips in a pathetic whimper.

“I’m not asking for much Sam,” he continued. “But I need something. Just give me something, anything!”

Jack felt her stomach clench as she started to move.  Afraid that he had pushed her to far for the last time, Jack let his arm fall limply around her, allowing her to leave if that was what she wanted to do.  He knew that if she left now, he would never broach this subject with her again.

He closed his eyes in defeat, but didn't let the tears sitting there fall.

So lost in his self-pity, Jack didn't realize that Sam hadn't left.  She hadn't moved away from him.  She had turned on her other side and was now facing him, her blue eyes wide in wonder and fear.

She lifted a trembling hand to his face.

"Jack."  She whispered.

His eyes snapped open at the sound of his name coming from her lips. Over the years, Jack had imagined the moment when he would hear her say that word. No alien viruses, no alternate selves, just Her. He’d honestly expected it to be awkward, he’d imagined her stumbling over the word and it’s unfamiliarity.

But it came out perfectly.

“Sam,” He returned, searching the depths of her eyes for a sign, something to tell him what she was thinking.

Her eyes were confusing him, though.  They were awash in emotions and nearly flooding in tears.  Her voice continued as he watched her eyes drift closed against his intense gaze.

"God, Jack…" her breath hitched and she waited to take a deep, steadying breath.  "More than anything."  Her hand retreated from his face and he watched as she clumsily swept at her eyes.

Through a strangers eyes, Jack watched as his hand appeared from beneath the covers and joined hers, wiping with a gentle thumb.  Her words settled with a comfortable warmth within him and he could feel it moving to engulf his heart, sending it thudding into an erratic rhythm.

More than anything?


“Where do we go from here?” She asked in a whisper, afraid to shatter the peace that had settled between them, the warmth that had engulfed them, despite the chill of the night.

His arms wrapped securely around her as he whispered his reply before bringing their lips together.