I Thee Wed
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Age Friendly!

Title: I thee wed.
Author: Venom_69
Date: 30-7-2002


She walks towards me, and I watch, mesmerized.

Her silky hair that shines in the light, gently framing her face. A flower
that I gave her tucked behind her left ear, gently resting against her high
cheekbones and rosy cheeks. He sparkling eyes that tear into my soul,
reading me like a book.

She licks her lips in a nervous gesture, the ethereal glow of the sunset
behind her drawing my attention to her features. The soft expanse of skin
that I can see, her bare shoulders invitingly teasing. The swell of her
breasts, and slight curve of her hips as she walks to a tune that only she
can hear.

Her long legs are moving against the semi-transparent material clinging to
her every curve. The split up the side giving me brief glances of the
barely hidden skin beneath. The exotic outfit enough to grab the attention
of every male within the immediate vicinity.

I sigh as she almost reaches her destination, at my side. She's staring at
my, reading me, and I her. Our eyes lock, and she mumbles something that I
don't actually hear. But I see her lips move, and I know the words that she

The man standing in front of us speaks to me, and I briefly tear my eyes
away from her. I smile at her, my eyes conveying what I'm not telling her
at the moment. The impatient man clears his throat, and I grin, reciting
what I know I should say. "I, Jonathan, take thee Samantha to be my wedded
wife." I whisper, holding her hand as I slowly slip the simple silver band
onto her right hand, the only difference in our version of a marriage and
the native people of Jantseya is the placement of the rings.

Sam smiles at me as I glide the ring up over the rest of her knuckle,
finishing the ceremony off with the last words, that she repeats with me.
"With this ring. . . I thee wed."


The end.

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