Urgo And His Ability To Change
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Age Friendly!

Title: Urgo and his ability to change.
Author: Venom_69
Category: Sam and Jack Challenge response #1,357 missing scenes/epilogue


Of all the things that I had expected him to do, this was definitely not one of them. I don't think that she had expected it either.

I was sitting in my office, doing paperwork. Don't look so shocked I do sometimes do it, I just never seem to be able to hand it in on time. Anyway I was sitting there when there was a knock at my door. Looking up only briefly I gave a slightly gruff 'come in' and Carter entered. It's not that I was surprised to see her, just that I knew she was working on finding a way to 'render Urgo impotent,' so I sort of figured that she would spend a fair amount of time in her lab working on the solution.

She does that a lot. You give her a problem and she'll work day and night until she solves it. It's really cute because when she has solved it, she has the most beautiful smile and her eyes sparkle. Her hair is usually tossed around a bit because she has run her fingers through it every time she gets stuck, finds a problem just a little *too* complex or she hits a dead end.

Anyway I'm getting a little side tracked aren't I?

So she came in and sat down . . .


"So how are you going with getting Hugo out of our heads?" Jack asked.

Carter smiled at the pronunciation of Urgo's name. He was hopeless sometimes. "It's going okay. I'm getting there although it may take longer than I thought." She stated looking a little disappointed with her.

"Why. Is there something wrong." Jack asked.

"Well you see when I first started calculating the problem . . . " she started but halted as Jack cut her off.

"Are you planning to use big words?" he asked and at her nod he continued, "Okay in the simplest terms what's wrong."

"Urgo is being a pain. He keeps distracting me and it's hard to get any work done, so I sent him to go and find Daniel for five minuets while I come and talk to you."

"Oh. Well in that case thank you for not sending him to me." He said smiling.

"Well sir, considering the facts that would have defined the purpose of this break. A: I was coming to see you and B: if I had sent Urgo to you then I wouldn't have gotten rid of him simply moved him to a different location and he'd still be able to annoy me."

He nodded his head in understanding. Urgo had been a pain since they had first realised that he was in their heads. Although the pie had tasted great with his help, Jack knew that later he would regret eating that yogurt, Jack and that half-milky half-creamy thing that passed for food never agreed with each other. They were an oxymoron if there ever was one.

Urgo had dramatically affected their judgement. Carter was always explaining things to him and then instantly regretting ever opening her mouth once she realised that she'd, on more than one occasion, almost compromised their security. Not something that she wanted to do. She liked her job and was planning to keep it for the next twenty odd years, not get dishonorably discharged for a 'breach of national security.'

"Ah Carter that's what I love about you. You're always so logical and you somehow manage to find it in your heart, to explain all of those complex scientific thingies to me."

"Do you?" she suddenly asked. Jack gave her a confused look. "Do you love me?" she asked as she got up from her chair, and stood before him behind his desk, her face a mere inch of two away from his.

"Yes" he breathed a she moved in to kiss him.


Now I know that you all think that when it comes to Carter I act like an over hormonal teenager but that's just not true. Okay so when she kissed me, yes admittedly sex was the first thing on my mind. But like any good boy, who knew that the door was unlocked and Urgo could pop up any minuet, I with held the urge to rip off all her clothes and devour her inch by inch. It was tough but I managed. Barely.

I'm not exactly sure how I managed to hold off but now, as I know the truth I'm glad I did. I didn't even realise that Urgo could change his physical appearance, let alone his voice. When I got him alone later I had to question him . . .


"Then you are a parasite like the Goa'uld." Teal'c stated, not needing an answer.

"Parasite like Goa'uld" Urgo emulated, doing quite a good impression of Teal'c's voice. Deep and dark.

"Or a Tok'ra for that matter. Just being parasitical in nature doesn't necessarily make them bad."

"Okay kids let's head out. You guys go a head." He said and as he saw Urgo moving quickly, quietly, and what he hoped was inconspicuously to the door. "I want to have a word with Urgo." Jack heard what he thought was a small 'for crying out loud' come from the hologram but he was withholding what he had to say on Hugo's usage of 'his' phrases.

"So have you finally decided that you like me more than a smidgen?" he asked holding up his fingers in the universal 'just a smidgen' sign with his thumb and forefinger.

"No I still don't like you. Look we have to go in a minuet so I'll make this quick." Jack said, smiling as he remembered the speech he was supposed to give at Sam's promotion.

"'Normally I am a man of very few words.'" Urgo quoted and it was only then that he remembered that Urgo could read the thoughts that they were having at the moment.

"Why did you do that?" Jack asked, his smile now gone. He was doing his very best 'I am a very big scary Colonel of the USAF and I *will* kick your ass if necessary' voice. All of his efforts, however didn't seem to have any form of effect on Urgo.

"Do what?" he asked innocently. The 'picture of innocence' face that he was giving, reminded Jack a lot of Daniel. That young archaeologist could put on the best 'innocent little angel' face that Jack had ever seen.

"You know what. Even if you don't know specifically what I'm talking about then you can read my current thought and work it out from there." Jack said angrily. This was getting him no where and this conversation was making him even more frustrated than normal. Not a good way to go on a mission. He had learnt a long time ago that if you go on a mission angry, you ain't likely to come back.

"I don't like your current thought. And anyway even if you could touch me I don't think that it's physically possible to do that to a human body. And besides that's mean!" Urgo said cringing as he saw what Jack wanted to do.

"I'm a determined man. Tell me Urgo why the hell did you come into my office as Carter and let me think that she loves me?" he asked, his anger subsiding a little as he though of how much he had wanted what Urgo did to be true.

"Because she does. Can I go now?" he asked a little anxiously.

"How do you know she does?" he asked his, curiosity peaked.

"Because I did the same thing to her. I didn't mean too. I didn't want to hurt anybody. I like love. Love is nice. Love is pretty. Why do people always associate red and pink with love?"

"Urgo" Jack growled.

"I got to feel some of love through you two. Please don't hurt me." He said holding his hands over his eyes.

Jack though for a minuet. 'If Sam loves me and I love her then why the hell are we both still alone?' "Because you won't TELL HER!" Urgo shouted. Jack sighed. It wasn't so much what Urgo had done that was bothering him, it was more the fact that he was right.

"It's just another one of my many endearing qualities." Urgo said smugly as they left the locker room to go and try to get him out of their heads.


So now, six hours after our mission to remove Urgo, which was successful even if we don't remember it, here I am sitting in my office trying to figure out what to do about Sam.

Admittedly she's not all I'm currently thinking about. Don't be too surprised once in a while my thoughts do go off my 2IC. Not very often, I'll grant you that, but I do let my thoughts wander occasionally.

Is it just me or can you hear a weird noise?

There it is again. What the hell is it? Oh! I know that sound. It's the sound that the frame of the door makes when someone's knocking on it. I need to get up and answer that don't I?

"Who is it?" I ask. I have a fair idea.

"It's me sir, can I come in? I want to compare memories. Y'no see what we remember about the mission."

'What we remember about the mission?' we all had our memories erased. Now I'm intrigued.

"Sure come in." I say not making an effort to move. I must really look like quite a sight. Feet on the desk, chair in recliner position, pen tucked behind my ear and paperwork, that I really *had* intended to do, surrounding my feet. My jacket is hung over the computer. As a sidenote, you know one slob to another, in my opinion these computers are a great invention. I have never had a more expensive clothes rack.

"Hi sir." She says as she enters and closes the door. "I wanted to ask you something." I raise my eyebrow and make little gestures with my hand as an indication for her to continue. Yep, definitely intrigued. "When Daniel, Teal'c and I were on the way to the gate room I had a very . . . interesting, well I suppose vision would be the correct word. I think that Urgo may have sent it to me but I don't know what it means. I was wondering if you could explain it?" she asks almost . . . shyly?

"What did you see Carter?" I ask. I regret asking though. If she saw what I think she saw then I'm in trouble.

"Well firstly I saw what Urgo did to you while you were in here, when I was working on a way to turn him off. Don't worry sir, he did the Sam to me, although a little differently but virtually the same thing. And then I saw what you wanted to do to him. To be quite honest I didn't think that you could do that to a human body, but whatever you said to him, made him think of that. So I guess my question is, what did you say to him to make him conjure up that kind of . . . imagery?" she asks. She rambles for a minuet and a half and *that* was her question?

"I didn't say anything, he read the thought that I was having at the moment and that happened to be the one he picked up on." Thank god he hadn't been looking just a few seconds earlier, the thought's that I was having at the time were enough to make *me* blush let alone a lesser man, or hologram, like Urgo.

"Oh." Was all she said. "Do you want to hear what he did to me?" she asked quietly.

Yes! Yes! I wanted to scream but I think that "If you're willing to share then I'd be happy to hear it." Was sufficient enough.

"Well as you know I was working on finding the solution. I hadn't started thinking about the EM pulse yet so Urgo wasn't distracting me . . .


"Samantha why do you keep trying to get rid of me? I know you like me." Urgo stated with a huge smile on his face.

"Because I like to be able to solve problems. This, you, are a problem that I am currently trying to solve." She replied with a hint of pride.

"I have an idea!" he suddenly exclaimed. Sam snorted a hint of laughter. 'Did he really think that his idea was the eighth wonder of the world?' "Why7 do we play hide and go seek. I promise I won't peek. I did last time but you didn't agree to play you just left. But I won't peek this time I promise!"

"Urgo, no. Please go away." She sighed.

"I think that I might go and eat pie with Daniel." He stated and then stormed out of the office.

Sam was grateful for the peace and quiet.

It was only the consistent knocking of her door that stopped her putting her head down and taking a nap.

"bloody hell, Come in." she snapped.

"Is that any way to talk to your CO Samantha?" Colonel O'Neill asked sweetly.

Sam let the shudder run through her at the use of her first name. "Sorry sir. What can I do for you?" she asked smiling.

"I just forgot to tell you something this morning." He said moving to stand before her.

"What's that sir?" she asked trying not to let their close proximity bother her.

"Oh you know that I love you." He stated. When she opened her mouth to reply he quickly claimed it as his own.

The kiss was slow, and seducing at the same time, but for Sam it ended all to soon. When he pulled back he was smiling, obviously pleased with her response.

"I love you too" she breathed.


"That's pretty much what happened with me." I smiled at her tale and she didn't smile back. She is uncomfortable being here. Not that I blame her of course.

"Hey look at it this way, at least you kissed the opposite sex. No matter how you look at it, physical appearance aside, I kissed a guy." I say, trying to make her smile. It works and I'm pleased with the result.

"So do you? Love me I mean." She asks.

"Yep. You?" I reply.

"Yep. So where does that leave us then?" she asks. I stand up and move towards her chair. She stands when I get to her, and if she had been a little taller we would have been eye to eye. Instead she has to tilt her head up a bit and I have to put mine on a slightly downward angle.

"They way I see it we have two options." I say. She raises a questioning eyebrow that leads me to believe that she has been spending way too much time with Teal'c.

"Which are?" she asks.

"Well we can go back to being friends who hope that one day we will be more, or we can have a relationship and just keep it a secret. It's up to you. I know which one I would prefer but the choice is yours." I say.

Her hands come up to encircle at the nape of my neck. She stands on the tip of her toes and just before our lips touch I hear her hoarse whisper of, "The latter. I definitely like the latter."

I would say that I have to agree with her.


The end.