Sleeping Alone
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Age Friendly!

Title: Sleeping Alone
Author: venom_69
Category: Romance
Pairing: Sam/Jack
Season: 5
Rating: PG
Content Warnings: none
Status: Completed
Summary: The cure for sleeping alone.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of this.

Whoever said that you had to break all the rules before you can be truly happy"

I think that they are full of it.

I don't break the rules and I"m happy.

I get up, I got to work and I spend the day either researching, examining technology from other planets or actually *going* to other planets. Now how many people can say that they do that" Once the day is finished, I go home to my place, talk with my housemate, we have dinner together and then we go to bed. If we aren't tired then we watch some television together.



My flat mate and I get along wonderfully. We do a lot of stuff together and when I actually have the chance to get home, that is when I don't decide to sleep on the base, he and I get along like a house on fire and we spend most of the night together

We usually sleep together and he likes it when I stroke his back lightly and I happen to enjoy it when he wants to snuggle. He's always warm so if it's a cold night then we cuddle up together and watch TV in bed.

Like I said. Happy.

But there is something missing. I do most of the talking and whenever I want to have a heart to heart discussion he just runs away to be with his friends. He is such a man sometimes!

I want more.

I mean, come on, there is only so much that a cat can give you.

I want a human relationship.

I need more.

Specifically, I want, and need, *him*

The last relationship that I had was when I was engaged to Jonas for crying out loud! And if that sentence doesn't tell you who I want to be with then I don't know what will.

I know that he never thinks of me that way, but just once I would like him to come to my door, tell me that he loves me and that he want's to be with me.

Is that really so much to ask?

Sleep. That bliss that extends outside of reality. That's what I'll do, I'll sleep.

Even if I have to sleep alone.



I know that noise. It's the doorbell!

"Come on Jack, lets go and see who that is interrupting us from our much needed sleep." I say to my cat. I named him after the man I love.

Am I really that pathetic?

I look back at my cat who has the most enchantingly brown eyes and then I realize that. .

Yes, I am that pathetic.

I open the door, with Jack in my arms, and look up to see. . . Jack.


My commanding officer is standing on my porch, with his hands shoved sheepishly in his pockets, dressed in faded blue jeans, no, scratch that, faded *tight* blue jeans, a white shirt and that adorable leather jacket. The one that I am sure he knows I love him in.

Did it just get hotter in here?

"Sam, I know that it's late and you were probably sleeping and I"m sorry if I woke you but I just had to come over here and tell you that I love you. And that I want to be with you and I think that if we work hard enough then we can make it work" He says, looking downwards.

When he looks back up again I finally find the words that I know I am required to say in this situation.

"Oh for crying out loud, not this dream again!" I say, exasperated, and I go to slam the door in my dream Jack's face.

He effectively stops me from shutting the door by shoving his foot between it and the frame of the door at the last minute.

"Sam this isn't a dream." He says with that cute little lop sided smile that I always melt at.

Huh" He never said that in my dreams. And believe me, I"ve had enough of them to know what he does and does not say.

And to add to that, the phone which is currently going crazy, never ever rings during one of *these* dreams.

So if this isn't a dream then Jack just told me that he loved me for real?

Well then.

If that's the case, I grab hold of his jacket and yank him inside.

So much for the girl with no human relationships.

I slam the door shut and now I know exactly who I'll be sleeping with tonight.

And it's not my cat, either.


I saw the whole thing.

I told Jack that if he just told her then he would be able to know for sure whether or not she felt the same way.

I couldn't hear what they were saying. Hiding out in Jack's car while he talks to her is not good in the way of volume control, but even I could see, that she did go to slam the door in his face at first.

I felt like such an idiot!

Here I was telling Jack that they were on mutual ground as far as their feelings were concerned and here she was slamming the door in his face. That doesn't exactly make me look very good, now does it?

After that she spoke to him for a minute then dragged him into the house by his shirt with her lips firmly locking onto his.

Well, my work here is done.

I had turned to drive away when I heard the door opening and the cat being pushed outside. I guess little Jack has to sleep outside tonight!

That was four years ago to this day.

How do I know the exact date, you ask?

Because exactly one year after that day, the 9th of September, the two most precious boys in the world were born, to the two people who could not be any more in love if they tried.

And now Jacob Thomas, and Daniel Charles are celebrating their third birthdays. With their Aunt Janet who is married to me, the luckiest man in the world, their cousin Cassandra and their dad, who is the happiest he has ever been, their Grandpa's George and Jacob, their Uncle Teal'c and of course their Mum who is, yet again, pregnant with the third O'Neill child who will be here any day now.

At least she doesn't have to sleep alone anymore.


The end.