Change A Thing - Part 1
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Age Friendly!

Title: Change a thing
Author: Venom_69
Category: Romance/Drama
Pairing: Sam/Jack
Rating: PG
Summary: How do things turn out when they don't have the treaty with the Aschen?
Season/sequel: Set in the year 2010.
Disclaimer: Don't own them, never will. Promise to put them back
in the state I found them.
Author's notes: I wrote this in two days, in between blowing my
nose and informing everyone who'd listen that I felt like crap.
Dedication: As always, for LEW, thank you for beta reading, I hope I didn't infect you. For the cold that kept me off work long enough
to write this.
Date: 8-7-2003
Copyright to Venom, 2003


I have to wonder why they…..we…..sent the note in the first
place. I
mean, we know what's so bad about P4C 970, we learnt that the
way, and we know what the Aschen were planning to do to Earth, but
what about the rest of their lives?

I can't help but wonder if I'm anything like the Future-Me
that sent
that note and, judging by the blood that stained it, died and took
her friends with her to get it to us. Was the part of her, their,
life that didn't involve the Aschen really so bad that they
wanted to
change the timeline?

Obviously I don't know the circumstances in which the note was
but surely there could have been a way to change things in their time
without altering history?

My stomach begins to turn again, interrupting my musing. Sighing, I
slip out of bed and head for the bathroom, intent on bringing up the
meal that my husband made for me the night before.

Whatever this bug is, I can't seem to shake it.

Holding my dignity in tact long enough to make it to the toilet, I
collapse on the floor in front of it, emptying my stomach.

My loud stomach pyrotechnics seem to wake my husband from his slumber
and I hear his sleep-ridden voice call for me. "Honey?"

I can't answer, no matter how much I want to. Considering how
I managed to eat the previous night, there seems to be a lot of it
coming back up.

He comes into the bathroom and kneels behind me, rubbing my back in
slow, soothing circles until there's nothing left in me and I dry
heave. Handing me a glass of cold water, I manage to give a weak,
reassuring, smile as I swirl some of it around my mouth and spit it
out before taking small sips.

"You okay?" He murmurs quietly, continuing to rub my back.

"Yeah." I sigh.

"Maybe you should see a Doctor?" He suggests gently, helping
me to
stand on wobbly feet.

"It's just a bug." I protest weakly.

"Please? So I don't worry so much?"

I flush the toilet and let him lead me back to bed. "Janet gets
from her conference in Europe tomorrow, I'll go and see her in
afternoon, okay?"

"It would make me feel better." He smiles, pulling me into
his arms
before turning off the light. "Sleep well Angel. I love you."

"I love you too." I murmur, feeling my eyelids get heavy as
exhaustion from this illness catches up with me…


She was sleeping by the time Jack got the chance to go and see how
she was doing. Fraiser had said that Sam would be fine, if not a
little bit sore for a while, but the odd angle that she'd exited
wormhole had made for a pretty rough looking exit.

Jack pulled up the chair beside her, sighing deeply.

"Shouldn't you be in bed sir?"

His eyes widened a bit and he looked up to see her smiling at
him. "Carter…..I thought you were asleep."

"Na, just trying to avoid any more needles." She grinned and
felt himself returning it.

Choosing his words carefully, (Hey, he does do it occasionally)
Jack's face became serious as he spoke. "You did really good
Major, we're all proud of your efforts."

Sam nodded, she understood what he was trying to say. `I'm
proud of
you,' Were the unspoken words that she was left to get for

"Thank you sir, I appreciate that."

Jack nodded and they fell silent for a few moments, each lost in
their own thoughts until he spoke again. "I'm sorry about the

"You are?" She asked, managing to contain most of her
surprise at his

Suddenly, Jack was very uncomfortable. "Yeah…..I know you
cared about

"But not more than I was supposed to." She replied quietly.

Hiding his grin by facing downwards, he nodded. He understood. She
may have cared about Faxon, but she cared about him more. Kinda made
a guy feel good.

Jack rose to his feet, pushing the chair back to where it
belonged. "You should get some sleep Carter."

Sam smiled and nodded, her eyes already closing. "Yes sir, thanks
stopping by."



I groan as the alarm goes off. The warm body underneath mine stops it
from continuing to disturb my sleep. "Sorry baby, forgot it was
He apologizes and I feel the rumbling of his chest beneath my face.


"How are you feeling?"


"C'mon, you'd better get up."

"Don' wanna." I protest weakly, not wanting to move from
my position
on top of him, but he slides out from underneath me and heads into
the ensuite.

Ugh. I feel like crap. Spending the past few mornings worshiping the
porcelain bowl have reeked havoc with my body and my sleeping habits.

"C'mon baby, a nice hot bath will make you feel better."
He gently

I shake my head, I don't have the energy to think about having a
let alone actually doing it…..that would be asking way too much
the moment. I feel his hand on me as he slowly strips me of my
nightclothes before picking me up and laying me in the nice, hot,

"Don't go to sleep in there." He commands quietly, but I
barely hear
him, my eyes drifting shut……


Hammond sat down at the head of the table, studying the people before
him. Major Carter looked a little tired, but Doctor Fraiser has
assured him that she was fully fit to return to active duty, and that
no damage had occurred from her unusual exit through the Stargate.

"People, I know that our last encounter with the Aschen
exactly what you'd call favorable," Hammond ignored
Jack's snort and
continued. "But, as you yourself say Colonel, we don't leave
people behind."

"Are we going to attempt the rescue of Ambassador Faxon?"
asked, directing his question at the General.

"Yes, that's exactly what we're going to do."

"Sir," Carter protested. "Chances are that they've
already moved him.
The Ambassador could be anywhere within the Aschen confederation by
now, where would we start looking?"

Hammond had to admit that she had a point. "On the planet that
last encountered them. That's our best lead and the President
has requested that I send SG-1 for the job. Is your team up for it,

Jack looked towards Carter, who smiled at him to let him know that
she was good to go. Daniel nodded, he had liked the Ambassador,
they'd shared some of the same values and he was a good
conversationalist. Jack's gaze turned to Teal'c but one look
at the
man's face told Jack that he probably shouldn't have
bothered. Teal'c
was always ready to fight for Earth.

He turned back to the General. "When do we leave?"


"Wake up Baby, Janet will be here soon." His voice calls and
I open
my eyes to find myself dressed in a clean nightshirt, lying on the

"How long was I asleep?" I asked, pulling the blanket closer

He sits on the bed beside me and strokes my hair. "Seven or eight

"Why didn't you wake me sooner?" I ask.

"Because you need your rest." He tells me, dropping a loving
kiss to
my hair. "Janet's on her way, and she said to make sure that
you were
awake enough to answer her questions."

"When will she be here?" I ask, turning over to snuggle up
closer to
his warm body, attempting to steal some of the delicious warmth.

"Now." Comes a voice from the doorway.

I look up to see Janet standing there, large suitcase in one hand and
a bunch of flowers in the other. She looks good, I realise, and
also suddenly aware of how horrible I look.

"You're beautiful baby." He whispers quietly, as if
reading my
thoughts. "Janet, how was the trip? No transporter
malfunctions?" He
asks, chuckling as he remembers the time I tried to transport home,
only to end up in another Country.

Janet returns the smile and moves to stand at the other side of the
bed. "No, everything was fine."

She hands me the flowers with a smile and my husband takes them from
me as I look up at her through half-closed eyes. "Thank you. How
the conference?"

"Great." She smiles enthusiastically. "Look what I
brought back with
me." She beams, opening the large suitcase to reveal lots of
and test tubes. I can't focus on the equipment properly to
what it is.

Luckily, my ever-clairvoyant husband seems to pick up on my curiosity
and lack of energy and does the questioning for me. "What is

"It's a mini laboratory, recently developed that allows us to
sperm samples, blood work, everything. Very expensive, very
She grins at that, "But hopefully with it being the latest
development in medical science it should cut down the time it takes
to diagnose a patient significantly."

My eyes begin to drift shut again.

"Baby, open the blues for me." He commands quietly.
"Janet is gonna
take a blood sample and then you can have a nap, okay?"

My eyes are closed before he finishes the sentence…..


"How do we get on to the harvester?" Jack whispered, looking
Carter for the answer. As he spoke, the giant machine was descending
towards the ground, with a small platform coming up from the ground
to act as a landing site. "It shouldn't be that easy." He

"It's about to get easier." Daniel whispered, pointing to
a ramp that
had come out of the ship with half a dozen Aschen walking down it,
with Ambassador Joe Faxon in the middle of the group.

"What are they doing?" Jack murmured.

"Perhaps the Aschen plan to take the Ambassador through the
to another world." Teal'c offered, watching the scene before them

"Whatever. We go in with Zat's, don't kill `em, just
get `em outta
the way." He ordered, standing. "Go."

It took barely seconds before the Aschen had all been hit and were
lying on the ramp, unconscious. Joe Faxon had heard the first Zat
blast go off and crouched down with his hands protecting his head,
hoping that whoever was attacking the Aschen didn't see him as a

"C'mon, let's go!" Someone shouted.

He looked up, slightly disoriented, and saw SG-1, and more
importantly, Major Carter, beckoning him towards them. He stood up,
and ran over to them, ignoring the bodies of his former captors at
his feet.

"Boy am I glad to see you guys!" He cried, running with them
the Stargate with the sound of more Aschen members coming after them.

"Reunions later, Dial it home Carter." Jack ordered.


"I went to sleep again, didn't I?" I mumble, but my voice
is met with

Opening my eyes, I look around to find the bedroom in complete
darkness, but I know I'm alone. I can hear faint voices coming
outside, and I assume that Janet's still here. Pulling myself out
the bed, I stand and grasp the bedside table as dizziness overcomes
me for a moment. After I let the nausea pass, I walk slowly to the
door and step out into the hall.

Following the sound of my husband's voice, I enter the living
room to
find him and Janet talking quietly. "Hey, am I interrupting
something?" I ask, a smile on my face.

"Honey, I didn't realise you were awake."

"How long was I out for?"

"'Bout an hour." He answers, pulling me into his arms.
"How are you

"Really tired. But since I haven't eaten for a day, I'm
not so
nauseous anymore. Do you know what's wrong with me?" I ask
laying my head on my husband's shoulder.

"Well, I'm told that you think you just have a bug?" I
nod. "Well,
you're right. You do have a bug." She tells me.

Smiling, I flash my husband an `I told you so' look before
back to Janet. "I thought that was all it was."

Janet shakes her head. "No that's not all."

"What?" I ask, worry beginning to creep into me.

My husband, my wonderful husband, looks at me with a huge grin on his
face, his eyes dancing with pure and utter happiness. "Sammie,
having a baby."

The world fades to black.


"First of all, let me express my Congratulations to SG-1 for
the Ambassador back safely. Secondly, Ambassador, if you wouldn't
mind telling us what happened throughout the duration of your
imprisonment?" Hammond asked, turning to face the Ambassador, who
looking a little shaken up.

"Well, nothing really. I was questioned a few times for
about Earth, but that was the only time I had any form of contact
with any of them. I was kept in a room with a bed, table, chair and
amenities, food and water were brought in once a day until you guys
rescued me." He looked at SG-1, each member in turn, and smiled
Carter, who grinned back.

"Where were the Aschen planning to take you, Ambassador
Teal'c asked.

Joe shrugged. "I don't know. I was told to go with them and I
Next thing I knew they were falling all around me and then you guys
were there, telling me to go with you."

"I think we just got lucky with the timing sir." Jack added.

"Very well, get yourselves down to the infirmary and have Fraiser
check you out." He ordered with a curt nod. "Dismissed."

Everyone stood, Hammond left for his office and the boys of SG-1
headed towards the infirmary while Sam picked up her files.

"Major Carter?" Joe asked, smiling at her.


"I was wondering if you'd like to have dinner tonight, so
that I can
say thank you for the rescue?" He asked, smiling at her hopefully.

"Um…..sure would you like me to invite the rest of SG-1 to
make it a
real celebration?" She asked.

Joe swallowed nervously. "Ah…..I was hoping it would be just
the two
of us."

"Oh. Oh! Sure."

"Great, I'll go and make dinner reservations at The
Deluxe?" He
offered, and Sam nodded. "I'll pick you up at eight."

"Ah, Ambassador?"


Sam grinned at him. "You need to go to the infirmary first."


I can feel someone tapping my face and my eyes flutter open to see
two worried faces staring down at me.


"'M okay." I mutter, pulling myself into a sitting position.
to scare you." I smile shyly, slightly embarrassed.

Janet grins at me. "Don't worry about it Sam, that'll
happen every
now and then. Since you're blood pressure is low during pregnancy
anyway, and you have this virus in your system, you're going to
weak for a while. I think it would be best if you had complete bed
rest for the next week. I'll come back next Thursday and see how
you're feeling, okay?"

"Okay. Thanks Janet."

"I'll walk you out."

Janet nods and picks up her lab. "Bye Sam, remember, take it
She grins at me before being escorted to the door.

"Thanks for everything Doc."

"Anytime." Janet replies, stepping up to kiss my husband on
the cheek.

Closing and locking the door, he comes back over and picks me up,
carrying me back to bed before gently laying me down. He turns off
the lights throughout the house and comes to join me in the bed.

"You sure you're feeling okay?"

"Yeah, I'm a little surprised though."

"You and me both." He chuckles. "How do you feel about it

I smile and touch my stomach, feeling only a very slight bump
underneath my fingertips. "Happy, really happy. You?"

"Over the moon." He smiles, bending his head to kiss me. As
soon as
the kiss gets a little more intense, he pulls back. "Go back to
baby, you need your rest."

"Do you know how much time I've spent sleeping the last few
days?" I
ask with a raised eyebrow, snuggling into his body.

"Hey, you're sleeping for two now."

I giggle at his words, but my eyes are already closing.


Sam walked through the halls of the SGC, heading for her lab.

She was still tired from the previous night that she and Joe had
spent by the fire and she found it hard to believe that they'd
seeing each other for six months now. It had been a good six months,
she realised, and she was happy with their relationship. He was
funny, attentive, intelligent…..everything that she wanted from a

Pulling her ID card from her breast pocket, Sam swiped in through her
lock and waited until the doors opened before stepping inside and
gasping with delight.

There were red roses everywhere.

Covering every conceivable surface, and some that she wasn't sure
that some of her experiments and equipment should be that close to
flora, but the general effect was stunning.

"Oh my God….." She murmured. There must have been at
least a thousand
dollars worth of flower in the lab. If Joe was one thing, it was
certainly very extravagant with money.

"Sam." Came his voice from behind her.

She turned around to see him standing next to the door, wearing a
tux. "What's all of this about?" She asked with a grin.

He shrugged nonchalantly. "Well, we've been together for six
now, and I thought you deserved something special."

"This is something special? Wow, what are you going to do when I
deserve something *really* special?" She laughed, but her face
serious as he bent on one knee in front of her, grasping her hand.

"Samantha Carter… are the most amazing woman that I have
met and you make my life worth living. I love you and I would be
honored if you would agree to be my wife?"

For a brief moment, Sam though her heart had stopped beating. Then he
pulled out a ring and she was *sure* that it had stopped. The ring
was gold and it had a huge diamond in the center with small emeralds
surrounding it.

"Sam?" Joe asked, his voice shaky.

She looked down at him. "Yes?"

"Really? This is fantastic!" He cried, slipping the ring on
finger and standing to kiss her passionately.

"I…..ah…..okay." She shrugged and kissed him back
among a thousand
dollars worth of roses.

Her favorite flowers were Lilies.