Weird - NCIS
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Age Friendly

Title: Weird
Author: Ky (venom69)
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: Age friendly
Summary: "Seriously, are you actually nuts?"
Disclaimer: Not mine, usual guff.
Authors Notes: Written for bowersbabe
Date: 01/12/06
Copyright to Venom, 2006


He expects it to be weird.

First day back on the job. First - second, third, fourth and fifth - coffee of the day. First case of the day. First lunch. First car ride. First day as her boss and her lover.

It should be weird, right?

He prepares himself for the fact that he can't look at her as Caitlin Todd, novice NCIS agent, anymore.

Well, he can, but then the image of her naked and moaning enters his mind and suddenly his pants are too tight and, oh, what was he thinking?

"When will this be over?"

Tony has been whining for the better part of an hour. Gibbs wont admit it aloud, but it's keeping his thoughts grounded, which is a good thing.

Tony fans himself with the case file that he's supposed to be reading. "This isn't the first time it's happened. Everyone remembers that this isn't the first time it's happened, right?"

Gibbs likes that he's not too distracted right now, but the other man's voice still annoys the hell out of him.

Kate doesn't look up from the file she's reading. "Yes, DiNozzo."

"Isn't this against some kind of OH&S law?"

McGee - who is about to drown in a particularly unattractive puddle of his own sweat - looks across to Tony. "Why don't you google it?"

Gibbs isn't really sure what 'Google It' involves, but if it keeps DiNozzo occupied and quiet for a while, he'll endorse it.

Silence reigns in the bullpen once more, the only sound being that of a page turning or Tony typing. Gibbs is left to his thoughts, his e-mails and Tony's report from the last case.

The handwriting - another computer malfunction, which was followed by another air-conditioning malfunction that they're currently suffering - is unreadable and he has to squint to try to decipher the words. This give him a headache and makes him cranky. He wants coffee but it's too hot outside and he doesn't think that the Director would approve of him using his team to fetch him caffeine.

On the other hand....

From: Todd, C.
To: Gibbs, L. J.
Subject: Coffee?
Date: 09/09/2004 11:35am

Want coffee?

It's too early on in their 'thing' - a whole 14 hours - to confess his love for her, right?

"Is it Mission Impossible Three to get the air conditioning fixed?"

Tony's voice breaks their silence and as opposed to throwing something at his head, Gibbs catches her eye and the look of desperation on his face makes her rise.

"I'm going for coffee. Want?"

"Are you nuts, Kate?"

McGee, ever the diplomat, looks up before she can respond. "No thank you Kate."

"Seriously, are you actually nuts?"

She sighs. "DiNozzo."

"It's like a thousand degrees in here."


"And you want to drink coffee? Coffee? You do understand that this beverage is served hot, right?"


"And you still want to drink it?"


"You're going to boil."

"Shut up."

"You'll boil and you'll whine and we'll all have to listen to it." No one points out the obvious hypocrisy of his statement. "Unless, of course, you plan to loose another layer in order to cool down?"

Gibbs repeats his new favorite mantra: I will not kill him, I will not kill him...

"Not that I'm saying that wouldn't be fun. It could be our new name. Naked Caitlin Investigative Service. Where do I sign up?"

Three voices - two male, one female - ring out in unison. "Shut up, DiNozzo!"

Kate catches his eye, smiles a little and grabs her purse before heading to the elevator. Gibbs doesn't watch her walk away any more than he normally would. He doesn't stare at her desk and think it odd that she's not there to stare back at him.

Yeah, it should be weird.

But it's really not.