The Tale Of The Four - Part 2
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they could be
of assistance." Hammond suggested.

"Probably a good idea sir. Do we know anything about their
technological status?" He asked Carter.

Carter shook her head. "No sir. All we know is that they are a
relatively peaceful culture that is going to be attacked in three
days. The Tok'ra said that they had an ex-operative living on
planet. Apparently she and her host fell in love while on a mission
and left to be with a man, they haven't heard from her

"When do we leave sir?" O'Neill asked, turning back to

Hammond thought for a moment. "Tomorrow morning at eight hundred
hours. We'll send a probe through first and make sure that their
Stargate is activated. If the probe comes back clear, then you can go
through. Colonel, you and Major Carter should go and tell your team
all you know about the mission. And make up a list of what you need.
Anything not stocked on base we'll need to know about soon, so we
get everything together. I want you to report back to the SGC
four hours after your arrival and let us know what you find.
Dismissed." He nodded and the two officers left him alone to

He sighed. He hated sending any of the teams under his command into
danger, never knowing what they were doing or if they needed back up.
He understood O'Neill's reasons for not wanting anyone else
accompany SG-1 on their mission, and apart from the shortage of free
teams, he could see the logic, but something didn't sit right
him about this particular mission. Although, he couldn't let a
civilization fall under Goa'uld rule because he had an unspecific

Sometimes, he thought, sometimes being a General really sucked.


"Sir, do you want to order any fragmentation grenades, claymore
or nitroglycerine?" Carter asked, looking through the list of
available explosives she had been given.

"Nitroglycerine….isn't that a bit over overkill?" He

"Well, we don't really know what were going to be up against
as far
as numbers go so….."

"Can we order them by the dozen?"

Sam couldn't help but smile. "Sure sir." She nodded.

"Fragmentation grenades could come in handy." O'Neill
nodded and
Carter wrote it on their list of things that they'd need for the

"What are they?" Jonas asked, looking up from his study of a
Teal'c was teaching him to improve his clip changing time.

"Frag. Grenades? They're a hand grenade with a segmented coil
it and when it goes off, it breaks up into little shards and kills
every thing within a thirty-meter radius. Very effective when there
are a lot of people you want to kill. Very bad if it goes off in the
wrong place." O'Neill replied.

"You know," Sam started, looking over their list briefly.
"When I was
about fifteen, before my mother died, dad took me and Mark to an air
force base explosive display. I remember, they got a surgical glove
and filled it with sausage meat. They put a detonator in it and
rigged it to detonate by pulling a piece of string. When they were
sure that everyone was a safe distance away, the commander turned to
us and told us that if we are holding a detonator when it goes off,
this is what'll happen to our hand. They pulled the string and
sausage mince went everywhere." She smiled at the memory.

Jack was momentarily stunned. Carter never shared things about her
past very often and they had all learned to appreciate the extremely
rare moments when she did. "That would have been so cool!" He

"For a fifteen year old, it was." She replied, smiling.

"Major Carter, I believe that Jonas Quinn is sufficiently trained
operating his projectile weapon." Teal'c told them.

"Teal'c you've been on Earth for over seven years now and
you still
can't call it a gun?" O'Neill asked, trying to keep the
mood light.

"What he means is thank you Teal'c, you did a good job."
Carter told
him, effectively `translating' what her CO had said.

"Okay campers, do we have the shopping list?" O'Neill
asked, and
Carter held up a piece of paper with their `shopping list' on
it. "Right then, Carter hand that in to Hammond please and then
all need to catch some Z's before the mission, it's going to
be a

The team stood and headed off to their respective quarters, each
preparing in their own way.


Chapter 10


Janna sat in front of the Stargate, studying it.

She had decided that once it was horizontal that there would be
someone guarding it at all times. Tonight was her turn. Mark and Mike
were going to come by and sit with her for a while later on, but for
now she was content to sit on her own and just… the
inner circle of the Stargate.

She jumped up, something inside of her warning her of danger.
the…..?" She muttered, watching as a sea of blue shot out of
center of the Stargate and then folded back in on itself. "My
She breathed as the surface rippled.

A large mechanical machine rolled out of the surface and she
instantly recognized it as a MALP, on of the machines described in
the `tale of the four.' Janna wasn't afraid, perhaps she
should have
been, but there was something insider of her, something she suspected
that had to do with her being the chosen one, that told her that she
would be safe.

A voice came through the machine. "Hello, my name is Major
Carter of the United States Air Force on the planet Earth."

Janna smiled, that was the name of the female in the four.
She waved. "My name is Janna Harron. I'm an archeologist from
planet Shea. Are you and your friends coming to my world?" She

"My friends?" Carter asked, wary.

"Yes, your friends. The other three men of your team." Janna
not understanding why Samantha, as she had taken to referring to her
as, didn't seem to know who the other people in her team were.

"How do you know about my team?" She asked.

"That, I'm afraid, is as you say a long story. And you can
only keep
the Stargate open for thirty eight minutes before it automatically
shuts down." Janna smiled as she imagined the stunned expression
the other people who were no doubt watching her through the MALP.

"Would it be alright if my friends and I came and visited you and
your people?" Samantha asked.

"I would be honored if you would all come." She grinned, only
slightly concerned as to what the other people in her neighborhood
would think.

"We'll be there in a few moments." Samantha told her.

"See you soon!" Janna waved and she waited.


The event horizon rippled again as SG-1 stepped through, after
Hammond had wished them Godspeed and a prosperous mission.

Janna was waiting by the MALP when they stepped out, looking at it
strangely. "You don't have to be afraid of that, it's
just a
machine." Carter reassured.

"I know." Janna replied. "MALP's don't think for
themselves. Except
that one time that it was flying. That must have been amazing!"
grinned again as she saw their shocked faces.

"How do you know about that? Do your people travel through the
Stargate?" Jonas asked.

"No, we had never seen it activated until you sent the MALP
My friends, Mark and Mike should be here soon, they can help me
explain." She told them and, as if on cue, the two men walked
the tent and stopped dead when they saw the four people with Janna.

"Janna?" Mark asked, walking over to stand next to her.

"Mark and Mike I would like you to meet Major Samantha Carter,
Colonel Jack O'Neill, Teal'c and Jonas Quinn. Known more
commonly to
us as the four." She smiled, pointing to each one as she went
along. "SG-1, I'd like you to meet Mark Reed the librarian of
former library and Mike Giles, an English teacher at the local

"Hi." Jack waved. "How do you know our names?" He

Mike walked over to them and touched each of them lightly on the
shoulder. "They're real?" He asked and all for of them
nodded and
Janna giggled. "Am I hallucinating? Because it wouldn't be a

"No Mike, I told you that the books were real." Janna rolled
her eyes
and shook her head.

"Of what books do you speak of?" Teal'c asked.

"Come thins way." Janna instructed, leading them into her
tent/office. Mark brought four more chairs in and they all sat down.
Janna pulled out the two books. "These are the books." She
holding them up.

"The point of origin." Jonas exclaimed, looking at the first

"What?" Janna asked.

"The symbol on the book in your right hand is the symbol for
our planet." Samantha explained. "Although I don't know
what the
second one is." She muttered, looking at the other symbol.

"Perhaps it is the symbol for this planet." Teal'c

"That's all well and good, but would you mind getting back to
how you
knew our names please?" Jack asked.

"Wow, you really are as impatient as these books say." Janna
smiled. "Okay, this book is the first of the two and it tells of
travels through the Stargate. It has everything in there from the
Zaytarc confessions, to the things Jack and Teal'c did during the
time loops and it goes all the way back to your first mission. And it
even includes what happened on P3X 595." She told them.

"What *did* happen on P3X 595?" Jonas asked.

"Nothing." The three other members of the team replied in

"What *did* you and Teal'c do in those time loops?"
Samantha asked.

"Nothing." Teal'c and Jack replied in unison.

Janna smiled. "It tells all of your stories. My mother first read
to me when I was five and I fell in love with the book. It's the
copy known to Shea."

"Four." Jack jumped in, and everyone in the room looked at
confused. "The word Shea, means four in Japanese. It's spelt
but it's pronounced `Shee'." He explained.

"How do you know that?" Samantha asked.

"I did a bit of languages when I was younger, some of it must
stuck." He shrugged. "Back to the books."

"The second book tells of why your missions stop. It tells of how
come to a world called Virgo, which is what our planet was known as
many centuries ago, and you fight to save us against the evil

"The Goa'uld." Teal'c answered.

"Yes. And it says that among the people of Virgo there is a
one. She is a direct descendant of a Tok'ra, and she holds all of
memories of that Tok'ra. She will be the one to help you defend
planet against the…..Gold?"

"Goa'uld." Samantha clarified. "And who is this
chosen one?"

Janna looked at her friends, and then back to the four. "I


Chapter 11


"So what sort of things have you remembered?" Jack asked.

"I remembered what the Stargate was made of, what it was called.
remembered that I couldn't get caught in it's wave as the
formed otherwise I would be incinerated. Nothing much yet, but I have
this funny feeling whenever I look at Samantha or Teal'c."
replied, looking at both of them as she said their names.

Carter winced at the use of her full name. "Please call me
Sam." She

Janna nodded. "I think it has something to do with the remnants
Jolinar in Sam and Teal'c's larvae." She shrugged.
"Am I right?"

"You are correct." Teal'c replied.

"So, then Janna must be the daughter of the Tok'ra operative
decided to stay here with the man she fell in love with." Sam

"My father." Janna nodded.

"If you don't mind me asking, where is he now?" Sam asked.

Janna winced. "He ran away and left me when mother died. He said
there were things about her that weren't natural and he
couldn't bare
to think of them. I guess I reminded him of her." She shrugged,
obviously used to it.

"I'm sorry." Sam told her sincerely.

"That's not the worst of it." Janna continued. "It
says that my
mother, the Tok'ra was killed by a Goa'uld who had been
hiding out
here waiting until her lord came to take over our world."

"Do you know who it is?" Jonas asked.

"All that we know is that this Goa'uld is the one who killed
mother, and hundreds of other people in the process." Mark told

Jack clenched his teeth in an attempt to quell his anger. "Those
son's of bitches never do anything small do they?" He asked

"No sir, they don't." Sam replied, shaking her head.

"Are they coming to attack us?" Mike asked, looking at the
strangers intently. He felt like he knew them all personally.

"Yes." Jonas nodded.

"When?" Janna asked.

"Two days."

"Two days?" Janna choked out, staring at the other people in
room. "But…why? What has our planet ever don to anybody?"
She asked.

"Your planet needs only to remain unclaimed. That is reason
for the Goa'uld to attack." Teal'c told her.