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Age Friendly!

Title: Sound
Author: Venom_69
Date: 26-11-03
Copyright to Venom, 2003


It’s the little things that he likes the most.

The sound of someone moving around in his kitchen in the mornings, the quiet singing in the bathroom when she showers. Her gentle snore at night when she sleeps in his bed, curled up at his side. The sound of her voice, even as it rouses him from sleep.


He definitely likes the sound of her saying his name, especially after all of the years he spent loosing his identity to a man named ‘Colonel.’


He *really* likes the sounds that she makes when they share their more intimate moments. He’ll never get tired of seeing this normally calm woman shatter around him, but the sounds are what really push him over the edge.

“You okay?”

He likes the different tones she uses with him. He likes how concerned and compassionate her voice can be, how angry it can be, how loving. He’d never noticed her tones before, but that was because he wasn’t *allowed* too. Now he’s hyper-aware of it, always looking for new sounds in her voice that change what she saying to what she means.


He’ll never forget the sound she made when he handed the General his resignation. It was something between a squeal and a scream, and while it was slightly deafening it’s burned in his memory forever.

“You sure?”

He likes that her things have slowly migrated over to his house, the way his bookshelf suddenly has a more eclectic collection of books. Maybe wormhole theory isn’t his type, but he likes it there anyway. And he likes the sound of her going to *their* bookcase and selecting a book.


He likes the sound of her laughing. She seems to do it so much more now. Instead of a grin at his jokes, she outright laughs, and he wonders how he ever lived without the sound. Lived without her.

“I love you.”

But the sound he likes the most is hearing her tell him that she loves him.

“I love you too.”