I Held You
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Age Friendly!

Title: I held you
Author: Venom_69
Rating: G
Category: Angst, Romance, Character Death
Pairings: Sam/Jack
Summary: None given
Season/sequel: S6
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I don't own these people.
Date: 5-9-2002


I held you.

I held you as I cried, my salty tears running silently over my cheeks to fall down onto your face. You told me not to cry, that everything would be alright. You told me that I needed to be strong, for both of us.

I held you as you told me that you loved me, and that we were going to get married. You told me how you imagined our wedding would be, you described my white dress to me. You told me of the flowers that would be woven into the wreath that you pictured in my hair.

I held you as you told me your dreams of our children, what they would look like, what they would enjoy doing, their personalities. You saw three, two girls and a boy. You even imagined who had what trait from each of us, but decided not to name them until we could both talk about it.

I held you as we talked, we didn't mention it, but we both knew it could be our last conversation. We talked about everything that had been forbidden for us to speak of for six years. Every pent up emotion and thought that we had been hiding, came flooding out in just one hour. It wasn't enough, not by far, but conversation came to a halt all too soon.

I held you as your delirious state manifested itself into a full-blown hallucination, the blood loss affecting your brain. My hands remained over your chest, holding the wound that threatened to take you from me. All the while cursing the natives of this planet who didn't know the difference between us and the Goa'uld.

And I held you as you died.


The End

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