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Title: Poker on alien planets.
Category: Sex
Parings: Sam/Jack
Content Warnings: Sex.
Summary: A little fun on a hot alien world.
Season/sequel: At least three, Sam's a Major. *Salutes*
Spoilers: Mention of the tank top from Broca Divide
Disclaimer: I don't own these people.
Date: 29-7-2002


Sam had never felt so hot in her life.

It was like there were a thousand little heaters pointing at her, increasing both her body temperature and her breathing. The feeling of her coarse fatigues annoying her, almost to the point of ripping them off.

Sam leaned against the boulder, the cool rock doing nothing to help her heatened state. She'd already taken her jacket off to help cool down, and was contemplating removing her black top as well, although that let her only with a tank top and bra to cover her.

She wanted nothing more than to strip and go for a swim in the waterfall nearby, and she knew just the man to take with her. It was a shame that they weren't alone, and she didn't know if he even felt anything for her other than platonic friendship.

"Carter, you alright?" Jack asked, sitting down next to Sam and handing her his canteen.

"Thanks." She muttered, swallowing a large portion of the cool water. "I'm okay, just hot." She muttered, fanning herself with her hat.

"I think we all are." He agreed, leaning against the boulder with her. "I don't get it though, the sun is going down, but it feels like it's actually getting hotter." He mumbled.

"Well, Colonel, I think that you should keep in mind the fact that this *is* another planet." She pointed out, smiling to herself as his leg brushed her's. "Not all of them can be like Earth."

"I know. Remind me to thank Hammond for this trip when we get back." He grumbled.

"He had good intentions. This mission was supposed to be relaxing for us. After the last string of missions we've had, he though that we could use something easy for change." She defended. SG-3 had already surveyed this planet, but Hammond had used the 'we need to get a few more soil samples' excuse to let SG-1 visit this planet.

"I know. Where are Danny and Teal'c anyway?" He asked, looking around at the terrain. It was very much like an oasis in Jack's opinion. It was mainly desert but it had a resort like patch of grass, including palm trees, boulders and a river and waterfall.

"Daniel found some markings on a boulder about a hundred meters away with an alien text on it and wanted to decipher it, Teal'c went with to keep him out of trouble. They said that they'd radio in every hour." She explained, and as it on cue, Daniel's voice rang through her radio.

"Sam, you there?" He called.

She picked up the device from beside her and pressed held down the communication button. "Hey Daniel, found anything interesting?" She asked.

"Yeah, but it's going to take at least another two hours before we're finished. Hope you don't mind." He asked, and both Jack and Sam could tell that he'd become distracted over something that he'd found. His voice sounded distracted and distant.

"Sure Daniel, take your time. Carter out." She replied, placing her radio back on the ground next to her, along with her jacket and pack.

"So, what do you want to do for the next two hours?" Jack asked, cursing himself for the way that sounded. Not that there weren't *plenty* of things he wanted to with her, but he seriously doubted that she ever though of him like that.

"Got a deck of cards handy?" She joked, letting her head fall back to gently hit the boulder.

"Yeah, I bring one with me ever trip." He replied seriously, reaching for his pack. Jack fumbled around for a moment, and finally pulled out a plain deck of cards, along with a triumphant cry of "Ah ha!"

"Cool." She muttered, "What do you want to play?" She asked, picking up the deck and beginning to shuffle the cards.

"Strip poker?" He leered, smiling.

"Okay." Sam shrugged and Jack's surprised look was enough to give her the chance to study him. He was looking more handsome than normal, his brown eyes were alight, and he was swallowing hard and breathing faster than normal.

She giggled; this was going to be interesting.


"Okay, I have a full house." Sam told him, laying down her cards. It was their second hand, and they'd only been betting one item of clothing per hand, hoping to make this unique experience last. So far Jack had lost his shirt, and Sam was a little worried about asphyxiation when he bared his chest.

"Royal flush." Jack beamed, smiling. "What are you taking off Major?" He asked, his smile rapidly turning into a wicked grin.

She stared at his hand in disbelief. Sam had been so sure that he'd been bluffing. Jack had a tendency to avert his eyes left and then right when he was bluffing, this time his eyes had remained firmly fixed on his cards. Sighing, Sam grasped the hem of her shirt and pulled it off, silently glad to be rid of the seemingly thick garment.

Jack stared open-mouthed at his 2IC. If her thought that the little tank top that she'd worn a few years back when she'd tried to seduce him was sweet, then the only thing he could say about this tank top that it was even *sweeter.*

Jack tried very hard, and surprisingly succeeded, in keeping the whistle that was dying to get out, from escaping his lips. He took a deep breath and picked up the cards, shuffling, while trying not to blatantly stare at the woman across from him.

Sam smiled as she saw Jack's reaction to her tank top. If she'd known that he would get *that* expression on his face when she took her top off, then she would have just done it sooner. But then, she wouldn't have had much to take off during this little game.


Either the planet was heating up, or they were, Jack decided. The game had been going for almost half an hour now, and so far, Sam was down to her bra and panties and he was left in his boxer shorts. Unknown to Sam, however, he also had a pair of briefs on underneath, for support. Jack was very thankful for that support, it was helping to hide his painful arousal.

The sight of his very delectable 2IC clad only in black lace bra and panties had made his boy react immediately. She was lying on her side now, and he got a good view of *everything* that he'd been fantasized about for four very long years. Her long, trim, legs were parted a little, her flat and well toned stomach just begging to be touched. Her breasts were practically calling him, and every time she reached over to retrieve her cards, which Jack had strategically placed out of her reach, her arm would crush her right breast to her left one, giving Jack a better view at both of the voluptuous mounds. His hands were virtually begging to reach over and touch her soft skin, but his brain was still in control of his hormones.


Sam was also aware of the presence of the man across from her. His chest and long legs making the lapse in concentration that the heat was causing double with his barely covered body. And she knew that he was affected by her nakedness, which was making her even hotter. Sam wanted nothing more than to just remove her last two items of clothing, but then she'd need to have a good reason. At least playing strip poker meant that she could bare herself to his hungry gaze legitimately.

After all, Hammond had ordered them to 'relax.'

"Okay, show 'em." Jack told her, aware of the double meaning to his words. Since the beginning of the game, their conversation had been full of sexual innuendo, and the flirting had reached a whole new level. If Daniel had been there then his head would be spinning around his shoulders from embarrassment.

"Two pair." Sam admitted lamely, knowing that she was beaten. "Jack's over eights."

"Flush." Jack grinned, silently watching as Sam sat up and reached behind her to un-clasp the lacy garment that had been holding her breasts in place. She un-hooked the fastening and held onto it with her right hand. He left hand slowly pulled down each strap, aware of Jack watching her every move with passion filled eyes. Finally Sam ended the torture for them both, Jack longing to see her skin and he longing to release her breasts, which were aching with arousal. She dropped the bra and neatly folded it, as she had done with all of her other clothes, and placed them on the pile of Jack's 'winnings.' With, of course the exception of their jackets, which they were sitting on.

Jack quietly groaned and shuffled the cards before dealing once more, wondering how much more self control he had left. Glancing up at Sam's hard pink nipples, he knew that any self control that he'd had was incredibly scarce.

Breathing deeply, Sam looked at her cards. She had a royal flush. Ace, king, queen, Jack and a ten, all in spades. She debated her options while Jack arranged his cards, like he'd done for every other game. She could win, and then he'd loose his boxers, even though she was sure that he had something underneath, it would bring her closer to seeing all of him. Or, on the other hand, she could loose, which would mean that Jack would win her panties and she'd be left with nothing. Which ultimately meant that if they continued to play, he would have to take his winnings in *other* ways.

Samantha grinned evilly, and threw down all of her cards with the exception of her ten. "Four please." She told him, her voice as husky as his was.

Jack handed her the four cards that she requested, and retrieve two for himself, confidant that unless Sam got *really* lucky, his three kings would beat her. He looked at the two cards that he'd picked up, a ten and a queen.

He held his breath while Sam looked her cards over. She'd picked up two more ten's, giving her a three of a kind. She only hoped that Jack had more than she did. "Three ten's." She breathed.

Jack tried to desperately to hide his grin. He'd beaten her, meaning that he finally got to see every curve of her delicious body. "Three kings." He grinned, watching as Sam rose to her feet.

Sam hooked her fingers into the sides of her panties, lowering them with an unbearable slowness. She was just as hot as Jack, but she was enjoying the way his eyes followed her too much to hurry. Once her panties were at her ankles, Sam stepped out of them, stood back up and folded the small amount of lace as she watched Jack stare at her and swallow roughly, amazed that she was getting turned on by being naked in front of him, rather than embarrassed.

She smiled, sat down, laying in the position that she had been in before, and picked up the cards and began to shuffle them, aware that Jack's eyes had never left her body. Sam dealt the cards, picking up her's as a wicked plan began to formulate in her mind.

Jack hardly noticed that she'd dealt his hand to him; his eyes seemed to remain fixate on the small triangle of blonde hair at the apex of her thighs. Suddenly, and without warning, Jack's brain seemed to come to the conclusion that if they continued playing, Sam had nothing to remove if she lost. He grinned and picked up his cards, this would be interesting.

Spreading her hand out in her hands, Sam looked at her cards. She had an ace, jack, ten, nine and a seven. She could try to get a straight, but if she won then it wouldn't be much fun for either of them. Although Jack would come closer to loosing his boxers, what she had in mind would inevitably end up with him naked anyway.

Jack looked at the two pair's that he had, throwing down his ace in the hopes of a full house. He picked up one card as Sam reached for three. Their hands accidentally made contact and both sucked in a sharp breath, but continued to examine their latest cards.

"Okay, what've you got?" Sam asked, smiling sweetly at him.

"Two pair's, Ace over kings." He told her, laying his cards one the ground for her to see.

Sam sighed, "I have nothing." She shrugged, throwing her five cards face down onto the pile.

Jack stared at her for a second, and Sam noticed that he finally looked at her eyes. "You have nothing left to take off." He pointed out, his eyes running up and down her gloriously naked body, and then returning to her eyes.

"No." She agreed, moving all of their cards out of her way. "I guess I don't." She muttered, raising herself to her hands and knees. She slowly crawled towards him and stopped when their faces were mere inches apart. "But I still have to pay up." She informed him, lightly touching their lips. Sam grabbed his head and passionately kissed him, their tongue's dueling in an erotic dance.

Jack had the good sense to keep his hands by his side, knowing the Sam was 'paying up' and he couldn't interfere with that.

All to soon, for both of them, Sam pulled back effectively ended the kiss. "Was that an adequate substitute for an article of clothing?" She teased, crawling back to her original position.

"Um. . .yeah." Jack agreed, nodding his head vigorously. He briefly wondered what her next 'payment' would be, assuming of course that she lost again.

The next hand that they played, Sam won, choosing to have Jack reveal himself as opposed to the next stage of her plan. When Sam laid down her flush, Jack just grinned and removed his dark blue satin boxer shorts to uncover pair of black briefs.

"You cheated!" Sam declared suddenly. "You had those on underneath, talk about an unfair advantage." She exclaimed, absently running her hand over her stomach.

"You had a bra and tank top on, I only had a shirt, we're even." He defended. "And it's your deal." He told her, desperately trying to ignore the hand that was gently stroking her stomach.

She grumbled, but shuffled the cards again and dealt the hand, elated when she saw that she'd dealt herself a royal flush, in spades. She grinned to herself, there was no way that Jack could beat her.

"How many cards do you want?" Jack asked, throwing three of his cards onto the ground.

Sam looked at her cards intently, feigning concentration. She sighed, and appeared to be making her decision, thanking her brother for teaching her about a 'poker face' when she was a teen. "None thank you." She declined, smiling sexily at him.

Jack gulped, instinctively knowing that she must have a good hand to refuse any cards. A *very* good hand He suddenly had the feeling that he would be as naked as she in a matter of seconds. Picking up his three cards, Jack was pleasantly surprised to find that he had a flush. He laid don the cards, calling his hand.

Sam stared at what he had just put down. "Oh." She mumbled, biting her bottom lip.

"So. . ." Jack started, grinning smugly. "What are you planning to pay me with this time?" He asked, watching as she continued to stare at his cards.

Sam returned his grin. "Nothing." She replied, laying down her own hand. "Considering the fact that I have a *Royal* Flush. Come on Jack, strip." She smiled.

Jack wasn't sure what surprised him more, the poker face and the little performance that Sam had put on, or the fact that she'd called him by his first name for a change. He sighed, and stood, mimicking Sam's earlier actions. He pulled the briefs down over his hips, at the same tantalizing slowness that she had used earlier. Releasing his painfully erect member, Jack saw Sam's eyes widen as they settled on the juncture of his thighs. "Happy?" He asked, teasing.

"Very." Sam nodded, watching as he sat back down, stretching his legs out to lie on his side, emulating her position.

"My deal?" He asked, happy that his nakedness seemed to have the same effect on Sam as her's did on him. She nodded and he dealt the hand, smiling as she parted her lips and nervously licked her lips.

Sam managed to tear her eyes away from Jack's body and concentrate on her cards. Not very well, she mused, noticing that she had thrown away two aces and two kings. She sighed, knowing the once she'd thrown the cards out, she couldn't pick them back up. Jack grinned, looking at his full house, he watched as she picked up four cards, shaking her head at what she retrieved from the deck.

"A pair." She told him, laying her cards down, instinctively knowing that she'd lost this hand. Although, she was very intrigued as to what her 'payment' would be.

"Full house." Jack beamed, smiling.

Sam leant over and quickly took his erection into her mouth, caressing the throbbing shaft with her tongue. Jack's eyes went wide as she took his entire length into her mouth, and down the back of her throat. That hadn't happened much in his sexual experiences throughout his life, most women he knew hated to have anything that far down their throats. This, however, didn't appear to bother Sam.

She continued to caress his penis with her mouth and tongue, one hand moving to caress his tightened balls. Jack felt himself reach the verge of his climax when she suddenly pulled back and returned to her original position, wiping the small drop of Jack's pre-come from the corner of her mouth to suck the juices off her finger.

"You have to win another game before I make you cum." She replied bluntly, to his questioning gaze.

Jack groaned and Sam merely smiled and shuffled the cards once again before dealing. She picked up her cards, she smiled at them, placing one on the ground before picking another up, happy to see that she had a flush. Jack looked at his cards, his concentration still focused on a part of his anatomy *way* south of his brain.

He threw out three of his cards and picked up the same amount, groaning. "Three of a kind." He told her.

"Flush." She replied, happily.

"Well done." Jack commented, putting all of their discarded cards into a pile.

"So. . ." Sam started, grinning lustfully. "What are you planning to pay me with this time?" She asked, emulating his words from earlier.

Jack thought for a moment, knowing that since she had paid him with a kiss, he couldn't use that for payment. He grinned at her as he thought of the perfect reward to give her for winning the game, but he needed her consent first. Not that she'd asked for his consent when it came to his last payment, but then again, why would he say no? "I know what I want to pay you with, but I need your consent." He told her, watching as a variety of thoughts and feelings fan across her face. Lust, confusion, trust and something else that Jack couldn't, or wouldn't, name. "I'm not going to sleep with you." He informed her. "Yet." He muttered, winking at he as she smiled.

"You have my consent." She nodded. "For *anything*" She smiled, her eyes as aroused as her body.

"Good." He murmured, coming to sit by her.

Jack pushed her shoulders back so that she was lying on her back, her body completely accessible to him, her eyes showing that she trusted him completely. Jack groaned as her eyes began to turn green with passion as he brought a hand up to caress her hair. Moving his finger over her face he ran them down over her neck and shoulders the stop at her breasts, his fingers barely toughing her skin, making her moan and raise her upper body, demanding more of his touch.

"Down girl." He whispered, and she complied.

He moved his hand down and over her stomach to gently twirl his fingers through the hair at the juncture of her thighs. Gently nudging her thighs apart, her ran his fingers over her damn flesh, not touching enough to make her moan, but enough so that she knew he was there. Jack moved his hand and cupped her pussy, lying down next to her so that his mouth was near her ear. "Are you wet for me Samantha?" He asked, sending a wave of passion through both of them.

"God, yes!" She hissed at him, her eyes both threatening and totally submissive to whatever he had planned.

"Do you want me to touch you?" He taunted, still cupping her and squeezing little harder.

"Please. . . " She moaned, her eyes now pleading. He smiled and she growled in frustration. "I swear to god if you don't touch me right now then I am going to. . ." The threat died on her lips and he roughly slid a finger into her. "Yes. . ." She whispered, and her slid another, gentler, finger into her.

Sam raised her hips to meet his fingers and he slid yet another one into her. She gripped Jack's arm and used her eyes to wordlessly demand that he move his fingers within her. Jack smiled and began to pump his fingers into her, showing Sam exactly what he wanted to do to her, using other parts of his anatomy.

"Faster. . .harder. . . deeper." She moaned and he complied with all of her whispers, licking her ear and bringing the lobe into his mouth to suck on it while his fingers worked in her. Jack brought his thumb up to flick against her clit, her moans encouraging him.

Jack felt her reach the verge of her orgasm and he stopped both his hands and mouth and watched as she reluctantly opened her eyes to glare at him. "You have to win another game before I make you cum." He told her, using her earlier words to irritate her.

"Jack. . .please." She moaned. "If you don't finish me off then I'll do it myself." She warned and he grinned.

"Save that little show for the next game I win." He laughed, and suddenly Sam gripped the wrist of his hand, three of her long fingers still within her.

"Make me cum, damn you." She whispered.

When Jack shook his head negatively, she growled at him and began to move on his hand, holding his wrist firmly in place. Sam was working herself back up to her zenith, using his hand to pleasure herself as she kept eye contact with him.

"Sam? You there?" Daniel's voice called over the radio, and Sam realized that it had been an hour since he last checked in.

Her grip on Jack's wrist loosened and he attempted to extract his fingers from her when her grip once again tightened. "Take them out and I swear that I will amputate your hand and permanently place it in there." She threatened, reaching for the radio.

"Yeah Daniel, how are things?" She asked, surprisingly calm for a woman who had been on the verge of one of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

"Good, ah, we're going to be at least another two hours." He told her and Jack brushed his finger over her clit again as she pressed the communication button. She glared at him once more, knowing that Daniel and Teal'c would have heard her passion filled moan.

"You okay? What are you guys doing?" He asked.

"The colonel and I are just chatting and playing cards. Take your time Daniel, radio in next hour." She instructed and Daniel said goodbye before she threw her radio back over near the boulder.

"Chatting?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, Jack. Since you won't finish me off, we seem to be chatting." She replied, finally letting him extract his fingers from her. She watched, mesmerized as he brought the digits up to his mouth to lick her juices off his fingers.

Sam had a wicked idea, and she stopped him from licking his fingers by pulling them out of his mouth and then drawing them into her own mouth to suck off her own juices. He groaned as he watched her.

Abruptly, he pulled his fingers out of her mouth and moved back over to the other side of the cards, making his decision Sam spoke first as Jack shuffled the deck. "Winner get's to be on top first." She offered.

"Deal." He grinned, distributing them five cards each, alternating the distribution. They both picked up their cards, not really caring who one, they would get the same result either way. Jack rearranged his as Sam lightly ran her free hand over her breasts to distract him. It worked and he dropped all five cards.

She grinned back at him as he picked up another five cards from the pile, sighing as he saw that he had nothing. Sam laid down a pair of seven's and smiled, crawling to him with her jacket in hand. Jack sat up and allowed her to stretch both of their jackets out so that he would be more comfortable.

"Lay back, I get to be on top first." She told him, and willingly he complied.

She straddled him and grasped his erection, lowering herself on top him, both of them groaning at the initial contact. "Thrust up." She ordered and Jack grasped her hips and used all of his strength to push up into her.

"Yes." She moaned as Jack unerringly hit her g-spot first thrust. He used his arms to help raise her almost all the way off himself. "Again." she demanded and he assented happily.

Jack let go of her hips to grasp her hands, their fingers entwining, and she rode him, using all of her strength. Because of his earlier ministrations to her already sensitive pussy, Sam finally found release and came, crying out his name in a hoarse moan. Jack smiled and rolled them over.

Bringing his hands up under her, Jack gripped her shoulder so that all of her weight was resting on her arms. He grinned down at her and began to thrust. Sam began to feel another orgasm build up in her and she urged him on. "Harder, Jack. Do it harder." He didn't need to be told twice, he slammed into her, knowing exactly what she wanted.

Hard and fast, he pumped his hips felling like he was going to explode, he brought one of his hands out from underneath her and pinched one nipple and then the other, her moans music to his ears. Bring his hand further down her body to where they were joined and he pinched her clit, almost to the point of pain. If Sam wasn't enjoying his mindless pleasure so much, his fingers would have hurt on her clitoris, but it only served to heighten her enjoyment of the situation.

With one final thrust and squeeze, they both came, screaming each other's name. Jack didn't move, buried deep inside of Sam, they both let their breathing return to normal. "Oh my god." She murmured.

"I second that." He agreed, panting. "That was amazing." He whispered.

"Oh yeah." She nodded, leaning up to kiss him. Jack sighed and thrusted his tongue into her mouth and once again began to rub her clit, only more gently this time.

Suddenly Sam's disguarded radio sprang to life, this time Teal'c voice came through. "Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter, Daniel Jackson and I are returning. We are ready to return to the SGC." He told them, waiting for a reply.

Jack groaned and removed his lips from hers, pulling out of her body, despite her whimper of protest, he reached for the radio. "Hey Teal'c we read you. We'll meet you back here and head off. O'Neill out." He replied.

Sam looked at her new lover, smiling as he handed her the clothes that she had forgotten about earlier. "Thanks." She whispered, not quite sure what to say. She looked away from him.

Jack reached over and cupped her beast, reassuring her. He leaned in and gave her a sweet and gentle kiss before smiling at her. "I love you." He admitted, stroking her erect nipple.

Her face split into the biggest smile that he had ever seen and she hugged him. "I love you too. And we'll continue this later." She smiled, and they rushed to get dressed.

By the time Daniel and Teal'c returned, they were both sitting across from each other, playing poker. They looked up and smiled at their friends, gathering their things together, the four friends dialed the Stargate and prepared to head home.

Daniel sent the GDO code and then he and Teal'c stepped through. Sam and Jack walked up the steps to the 'Gate and just before they stepped through, Sam turned to him. She grabbed his cock through his pants and whispered in the sexist voice he had ever heard and plainly told him; "I am going to fuck your brains out when we get home." And then she stepped through the 'Gate.

No one in the SGC could figure out why Colonel Jack O'Neill came through the Stargate with a huge grin on his face.


The End