Too Much
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Age Friendly!

Title: Too much.
Author: Venom_69
Category: S/J angst, UST. Kind of.
Pairing: None really.
Rating: G
Summary: Just *what* did Daniel do while he was all glowing and stuff?
Spoilers: Meridian, Abyss
Season/sequel: None
Archive: SJ, Heliopolis, my site. Anywhere else, sure, just let me
know where so I can come visit.
Disclaimer: Don't own them, never will. Promise to put them back in the state I found them.
Author's notes: This is a very strange piece of work. Suspend belief here people, suspend belief.
Dedication: As always, for LEW.
Date: 27-5-03
Copyright to Venom, 2003


"They don't look happy." A voice behind him commented absently,
sitting down on the stairs next to him.

The boy sighed before replying. "They never do anymore."

"It's a shame, they'd be perfect together."


An eerie silence descended upon them, and the older man found himself
uncomfortable. He needed to think of something to say…..something
intelligent, wise, deep and meaningful.

"What's heaven like?"

Daniel almost kicked himself. That was wise? That was intelligent? He
must have lost several vocabulary neurons when he ascended. He made a
mental note to ask Oma about it later.

Charlie thought a little before answering. "Not what you'd think." He
finally answered, looking down once more. "He hates walking away from
her, he hates it when she says no."

"Almost as much as she hates saying it."

"Why do you think she does?"

"It's her job."

Charlie decided to change the subject. "How come you can see me? I
thought that you glowy people had the whole non interference thing

Daniel grinned, he sounded just like his father. "Well, we do, but
technically, anything that I say to you can't be classified as
interfering since your… know."

Charlie knew. "Since I'm dead?" He offered and saw Daniel nod

"Yeah. I wasn't sure if we could communicate or not, but I figured it
was worth a try." He shrugged.

"It was. I never realised how miserable Dad is. I must be looking in
on him at all the right moments."

"Don't be too hard on yourself. Jack is better at hiding his feelings
than we realise most of the time."

"I know."

Daniel bit his bottom lip. "Is God real?" He asked.

It was something that had been secretly bothering him over the last
several years. He'd met cultures that believed that the Goa'uld were
God's, and some even thought of the Asguard in the same light, but
he'd never been too sure.

"If you believe he is real, then he is." Charlie replied cryptically.

"You're as bad as your father." He smiled.

Charlie grinned. "It's called genetics Daniel."

"I know."

"Thanks for helping my dad out when Ba'al took him."

Feeling slightly uncomfortable at the praise, Daniel
shrugged. "That's what friends are for."

"Do you think he loves her?"



"I don't doubt it."

Charlie sighed. "Me neither."

"Next time I pop in on him, I could tell your dad that I saw you…..if
you want?" He offered, wondering how Jack would react to the news
that his best friend, who was essentially `dead', was having
conversations with his dead son.

"I don't think that's a good idea. Dad doesn't need to dwell on that
at the moment."

"You're mature for a ten year old." Daniel pointed out, smiling.

"I'm going to be a ten year old for all eternity, it tends to make
you grow up faster than the other kids." He joked. "I think Sam would
make a great mother." He said after a moment of comfortable silence.

"She will, one day."

"Think it will be with Dad?"

Daniel shrugged. "I can hope."

"Why do you think Dad keeps asking her to the cabin when he knows
that she'll say no?" Charlie asked suddenly.

"It's his way."

"Way of doing what?"

"It's his way of letting her know that his feelings haven't changed."

Charlie blinked at him. "You think?"

"I'm just guessing." Daniel admitted.

"I thought you were a higher being now? Shouldn't you be all knowing?"

Daniel laughed. "You really *are* too much like your father.


The end.

Miss shipper, after reading this: "Alright, were you *drunk*?"
Me: "Possibly."
MS: "Oh…..Why wasn't I invited?"